Undergraduate Program

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The Department of Classics is deeply committed to undergraduate education, and offers courses and majors that present a wide variety of perspectives on and approaches to the ancient world. While many of the courses focus on the languages and literatures of Greece and Rome, others are concerned primarily with the material culture of the ancient world, its art, architecture and archaeology. The department participates in the interdisciplinary major in Archaeology and the Duke-UNC Consortium for Classical and Mediterranean Archaeology, and offers many courses that introduce students to classical civilization and literature in English translation.

For information on our department’s undergraduate programs please contact the director of undergraduate studies. To visit the department, please contact Kim Miles, the department’s student services manager.

Below are some undergraduate seniors’ comments about the department:

“This is a friendly department. Without exception I have felt as though my professors have really cared about what I’ve been doing.”

“Classics is a fun major. The professors are demanding but always have free time to answer questions, participate in a get-together or just talk.”

“The most important features of the department are its personal interest in each student, and its concern that each student’s program be suitable to his/her own specific needs and interests.”

“Small classes rank high among the benefits of the Classics department. Students in Classics courses don’t feel like they are their social security number, as is the case in many other university courses.”

“The Classics department at UNC has an outstanding reputation, and the small size of most Classics courses allows for a very high quality of instruction.”