Matthew Schueller

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Classical Roman Archaeology

Matthew Schueller is a Roman archaeology graduate student whose primary academic interests are in Roman urban planning and architecture and cultural interaction in the eastern half of the Roman Empire, with a focus on the provinces of Macedonia and Thracia.  Over the past few summers he has been involved with the Balkan Heritage Foundation as a square supervisor and dig instructor in its excavations at Heraclea Lyncestis (Bitola, Republic of Macedonia), Emporion Pistiros (Septemvri, Bulgaria), and St. Kirik Island (Sozopol, Bulgaria).  He has also participated in excavations at Tel Dor and Omrit in Israel.  Matthew earned his BA in archaeology at the University of Evansville, Indiana and his MA in Classics at the University of Arizona, where he wrote a MA thesis entitled “Entertainment as Cultural Dialogue: Investigating Mainland Greek Views of Three Roman Forms of Popular Entertainment.”

Curriculum Vitae

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Email: mattschuATliveDOTuncDOTedu