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Hans Hansen and Rebecca Worsham each recently won fellowships to attend The American School of Classical Studies at Athens as regular members next year.

Rebecca Worsham

Hansen, philology, won the James Rignall Wheeler Fellowship and Worsham, classical archaeology, the Emily Townsend Vermeule Fellowship to fund their studies. The program involves extensive travel and study of Greece with a diverse group of Classical scholars.

“This intensive program will broaden my experience as a Classicist, benefiting me as a teacher of Greek literature and civilization,” Hansen explained. “I also expect that the first-hand understanding of the Greek world offered by the program will shed light on the poetry of Pindar that I am studying for my dissertation.”

Funded by the Archaeological Institute of America’s Olivia James Traveling Fellowship, Worsham has spent the past year studying and researching her dissertation in Greece, but, like Hansen, will now undertake the ASCSA’s program because it “encourages students to engage with a spatially and temporally broad range of Greek archaeology and history.”

Hans Hansen while travelling

“As a result of the emphasis on first-hand experience of the Greek landscape and the opportunity it provides for direct communication with a number of scholars active in the field,” Worsham said. “The program is enormously beneficial both for my own research and for my future teaching.”

Hansen and Worsham continue a long-standing tradition of UNC graduate students studying at ASCSA.

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