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Much of Berthold L. Ullman’s material on the manuscript tradition of Catullus is now openly available via Dr. Dániel Kiss’s new website, Catullus Online.

Prof. Ullman (professor of Latin 1944-1959), one of the leading scholars of Latin paleography and manuscript traditions of his generation, bequeathed to the department his invaluable collection of facsimiles, transcriptions and notes. Prominent among them are material on the manuscript tradition of Catullus, which incorporated the earlier notes of William Gardner Hale and Euan T. Sage and which were the basis of a projected edition that Ullman did not live to complete.

Dr. Kiss, a research fellow at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, developed the website as a repository of conjectures on Catullus, compiling material from prominent libraries throughout the world. Dr. Kiss made several trips to the department over the years to consult the Hale-Ullman Papers, part of the department’s special collections in Ullman Library.

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