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If Egyptians didn’t use combs on their hair what were combs used for? Why would a guy castrate himself for love? And what does “salvete omnes” even mean?

You can learn all of this and more by joining us for Summer School. Prof. Jennifer Gates-Foster’s Maymester course in Egyptian Archaeology and Patrick Dombrowski’s Classical Mythology courses fulfill General Education requirements, while John Beeby and Jessica Wise’s sequential Beginning Latin classes will help you finish your language requirements.

Students in Egyptian Archaeology will take a hands-on approach to learning about ancient Egypt by handling ancient artifacts in class and taking trips to local museums, and students in Classical Mythology will learn what all the disturbing guts and gore of Roman tales really meant to Romans. Those in Beginning Latin will learn to understand Roman civilization and its people in Romans’ own words.

You can find full course descriptions and the schedule here and through Connect Carolina.

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