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Mia Collins (left) and Alex Haggis


The Herington Greek and Latin Poetry Prizes, established in 1999 by Maynard and Florence Mack in memory of John Herington, are awarded for the best oral performance of assigned passages of Greek and Latin poetry.  There are two cash prizes, one in Greek and one in Latin.  The competition, open to all undergraduates taking Greek or Latin at UNC, takes places every year in the fall.

Latin Poetry Reading Winner

Mia Collins
Senior Dramatic Arts Major and Latin Minor

“The Herington competition is one of a kind, in that it not only deepens your appreciation for classical poetry, but it’s also fun!  Most importantly, it allowed me to incorporate my love for dramatic arts into my practice of Latin.  For that I am forever grateful!”

Greek Poetry Reading Winner

Alex Haggis
Senior Classics Major and Linguistics Minor

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