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Matthew received a 2019-20 pre-doctoral fellowship from the Getty Research Institute to complete his dissertation (“Public Entertainment Venues as Urban Network Actors in Roman Macedonia and Thrace”) at the Getty Villa in Los Angeles, CA. There he will also regularly meet and attend lectures with other pre- and post-doctoral fellows whose research deals with the Villa’s annual theme of “The Classical World in Context: Thrace.” In these exchanges, he looks forward to learning more about current work on Thrace’s interactions with neighboring regions like Greece while sharing his own research on urban life in Roman Thrace. 

Below is the Getty Research publication, which explains that:

“The Getty Scholars Program at the Villa for the 2019/2020 term will consider the ancient culture of Thrace, in particular its relations to its southern neighbor Greece and, in a later period, Rome. The Thracians feature prominently in Greek history and are well attested in literature, art, and archaeology … Priority will be given to research projects that are cross-cultural and interdisciplinary, and that utilize a wide range of archaeological, textual, and other evidence.”

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