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Professor Patricia A. Rosenmeyer has received a Curriculum Development Award for Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) through Connecting Carolina Classrooms with the World, with support from the Chancellor’s Global Education Fund. The award will support planning for COIL activity during her Fall 2021 instruction of CLAS 363H: Greek & Latin Poetry in Translation, in partnership with a similar class taught by Prof. Giuliana Ragusa at Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil. The 4-week COIL component will focus on a common set of readings by the ancient Greek poet Sappho, and both instructors will model collaborative practices and help the students to attain core knowledge in an area that will most likely be quite unfamiliar to them. This award will allow the UNC Classics Department to “strengthen global partnerships and bring the world to Carolina with enhanced on-campus global programming”, as indicated in the Carolina Next strategic objective of globalization, offering the opportunity for a global perspective even while international travel remains out of reach. Overall, the COIL component will expose students to different ways of doing things (teaching, responding to poetry, thinking about translation, learning about an ancient culture, questioning the status of a transgressive female voice in a patriarchal society), and invite them to talk to one another and collaborate, both formally and informally, in an academic setting online, with the assistance of a UNC graduate student TA fluent in Portuguese. The COIL activities will support regular course objectives while also enabling students to examine topics from varied cultural and societal perspectives.

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