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The Women’s Classical Caucus of the Society for Classical Studies has awarded Suzanne Lye the Women’s Classical Caucus (WCC) Leadership Award, “given to an individual for outstanding contribution in encouraging women to enter and remain in the field of classics.” Professor Lye was recognized this year in particular for her efforts in establishing the SCS-WCC Covid-19 Relief Fund, a “fund to support classicists, particularly graduate students and contingent faculty, experiencing precarity as a result of the pandemic.” To date (02/2021) the fund has raised over $100,000 providing much needed support to over 200 students and faculty of classics. The nomination stated that “[Suzanne Lye’s] extraordinary efforts have materially aided a diverse group of 110+ (and counting!) applicants including women, minorities, first-generation graduate students, and contingent faculty obtain much-needed funds so that they may continue their academic endeavors and remain in the field during this historic crisis. Suzanne has spent countless hours from April through the summer on this effort without any expectation of thanks or recognition. She is generous with her time, selflessly dedicated to service, and represents the ideal recipient of the 2020-2021 WCC Leadership Award.”

Caroline Cheung’s interview with Suzanne Lye on the Society for Classical Studies Blog: An Interview with Suzanne Lye, Recipient of the WCC 2020–2021 Leadership Award


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