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Panthea Cyrus AraspasTogether with Melina Tamiolaki (University of Crete) Emily Baragwanath has organized a three-day international panel on the topic of “Xenophon and Genre, Genres in Xenophon” in the framework of the Celtic Classics Conference, Lyon, France, July 18-21, 2022. The panel aims to trigger a collaborative reflection on Xenophon’s experimentation with different genres. We have invited the fourteen confirmed participants to address the following questions:
• Xenophon’s experimentation with (and mixing of) different genres: what are the main techniques employed and with what effects?
• Xenophon’s innovations regarding genres (historiography, encomium etc.).
• Does genre dictate the treatment of specific topics (women, leadership, virtue, memory etc.)? And to what extent? Or conversely, could Xenophon’s main themes, ideas etc. potentially contribute to a kind of unified Ur-genre?
• Xenophon in relation to his contemporaries and predecessors regarding genres (historiography, encomium, logos sokratikos, ethnography, etc.).
• Genre and irony: could the mixture of different genres be related to an ironical interpretation of Xenophon?
We expect the exploration of these questions to lead to a rethinking of Xenophon and his intellectual context.

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