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On March 31 at 3.30, Dr. Emily Pillinger, author of Cassandra and the Poetics of Prophecy in Greek and Latin Literature (Cambridge University Press, 2019) showed how both Cassandra and the Cumaean Sibyl are female prophets involved in acts of translation that work over time. Professor Hugh Bowden, author of Classical Athens and the Delphic Oracle: Divination and Democracy (Cambridge University Press, 2005), spoke on the religious relationship between Athens and Delphi in the Classical Period. Each speaker talked about their research and then participated in a discussion. The two talks occured in the context of the Classic Department’s capstone Junior Seminar on Ancient Delphi (CLAS 391), an interdisciplinary exploration of Ancient Delphi as a Greco-Roman topographical and cultural location (instructor Emily Baragwanath). The event was supported by the King’s College London Fund.

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