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Sarah Hilker has received the Olivia James Traveling Fellowship from the Archaeological Institute of America for the 2023-24 academic year. Her proposed project, “Zygouries: The ‘The Potter’s Shop In Context,” is to reconstruct the stratigraphy and settlement history of the Bronze Age site of Zygouries in the Valley of Cleonae in the northeast Peloponnese, using unpublished pottery and excavation records of Carl Blegen’s excavations in 1921-22 housed in the storerooms at ancient Corinth. The fieldwork is part of Sarah’s broader dissertation study which reexamines Late Mycenaean vernacular architecture and settlement structure, emphasizing social stratigraphy, durational settlement mobility and variability, and depositional practices. The Zygouries project expands our understanding of the settlement in Late Helladic III, and patterns of settlement development and building behavior.

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