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In Memoriam

Professor Emeritus of Classics

Prof. Gerhard Koeppel is a member of the Archaeological Institute of America, the Classical Society of the American Academy in Rome, the Deutscher Archaeologenverband, and Corresponding Member of the Deutsches Archaeologisches Institut. He was Resident Scholar at the American Academy in Rome (1974/75), Professor-in-Charge of the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome (1980/81 and 1989/90), and Director of the American Academy Summer School (1986-1988). He taught graduate courses on Roman Sculpture, Painting, Architecture, and the Topography of Rome.

He specializes in Roman Historical Reliefs of the Roman Empire and is publishing a catalogue of these sculptures in article format in the Bonner Jahrbuecher starting with vol. 183 (1983) and continuing to the present. The collection can be viewed here.

Other publications include “Profectio und Adventus”, Bonner Jahrbuecher 169 (1969) 130-193; “A Military Itinerarium on the Column of Trajan: Scene L”, Roemische Mitteilungen 87 (1980) 301-306; “Fragments from a Domitianic Monument in Ann Arbor and Rome”, Bulletin of the Museums of Art and Archaeology, the University of Michigan 3 (1980) 15-29; “Die ‘Ara Pietatis Augustae’: ein Geisterbau”, Roemische Mitteilungen 89 (1982) 453-455; “Two Reliefs from the Arch of Claudius in Rome”, Roemische Mitteilungen 90 (1983) 103-109; “Maximus Videtur Rex. The collegium pontificum on the Ara Pacis Augustae”, Archaeological News 14 (1985) 17-22.