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Hubert M. Martin, Jr. joined the UNC faculty in 1961 and served until 1969, at which time he accepted an appointment at the University of Kentucky. Martin had graduated from Johns Hopkins University, having written a dissertation on Plutarch, directed by James H. Oliver. For his first appointment he taught at Randolph-Macon College, in Ashland, Virginia. At UNC he specialized in courses on Greek and Latin prose authors and directed 8 theses. During his years at UNC he published “The character of Plutarch’s Themistocles,” TAPA 92 (1961) 326-339, “Plutarch’s Themistocles 2 and Nepos 2.6,” AJP 85 (1964) 192-195, “Amatorius 756 E-F: Plutarch’s citation of Parmenides and Hesiod,” AJP 90 (1969) 183-200, “Plutarch’s citation of Empedocles at Amatorius 756d,” GRBS 10 (1969) 57-70, and did extensive research for his book on Alcaeus, published in 1972 as a volume in Twayne’s World Authors Series.