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Walter Allen, Jr., taught Latin in the department from 1945 to 1969. In 1940 he published a translation of the Oratio in laudem artis poeticae by the renaissance English writer John Rainolds. He delighted in initiating his students into Cicero’s orations and letters and surprised them by conducting his Latin composition classes entirely in Latin. He directed 8 theses and 4 dissertations, on Cicero, Tacitus, and Aeschylus (with P.H. Epps). He published a survey of the scholarship on Cicero that had been published in the period from 1939 to 1953 in Classical Weekly 47 (1953-1954) as well as numerous articles on Cicero, Suetonius, Martial, and other authors, several of which he co-wrote with the students in his classes on those authors.