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The department library in the 1980s. | G. Houston
The department library in the 1980s. | G. Houston

Gifts of books are a welcome edition to the Ullman Library. Gifted books may be added to the library’s general collection following our gift and collection development policies. Any items that do not meet our collection development needs, detailed below, will be sold at our departmental book sale. All proceeds from the sale will benefit the library, the department, and students. Those wishing to make a monetary gift to the library may do so here. We thank you for your support.

Collection Development Policy

Statement of Purpose

The Ullman Library collection supports the research needs and current curriculum of the faculty and student populations of the Department of Classics at UNC-Chapel Hill. The library is also occasionally used by faculty and students from the departments of Religious Studies, Philosophy, Art, and History.

The Ullman Collection primarily consists of Ancient Greek and Latin literature and associated commentaries and translations. The library also contains works pertaining to the study of epigraphy, archaeology, linguistics, rhetoric, ancient law, mythology, medicine, religion, philosophy, and ancient history. Ullman Library is independent from the UNC Library system and is funded by an Emeritus faculty endowment.

The Ullman Library currently defers any donated materials that are not currently held in the main UNC Library System to UNC’s Davis Library. The majority of items in the Ullman Library collection are a result of Emeritus faculty donation and donations from late friends of the library or their estates. Some items are actively purchased at faculty request.

Degrees Supported

The UNC Department of Classics offers B.A. degrees in Ancient Greek, Latin, Combined Ancient Greek & Latin, Classical Archaeology, and Classical Civilization; M.A. degrees in Greek, Latin, or Archaeology; and PhD degrees in Classics, Classics with Historical Emphasis, Classical and Medieval Latin, and Classical Archaeology.

Scope of Coverage


The Ullman Library collection consists primarily of Latin and Ancient Greek primary texts, supplemented by translations and criticism in English and the principal pertinent European languages. The majority of translations and criticisms are collected in English; however, major critical works by German, French, Spanish, and Italian scholars are collected in their original languages, especially in the absence of a readily available English translation.

Geographical Areas

Geographical areas extant in the collection are regions governed or influenced by Ancient Greece or Rome or those which had significant impact on Greco-Roman culture and/or development.

Chronological Span

The bulk of the primary texts of the Ullman Collection were composed between the 7th century BCE and the fall of the Roman Empire in the 5th century CE. Materials from Medieval scholars through the present day are collected selectively, based on current faculty interest and significance of the criticism or translation to the Classical Tradition as a whole.

Imprint Date

The majority of the collection was imprinted in the 20th and 21st centuries, but works dating back as far as the 18th century are present.

Special Collections

The Ullman Library also possesses an archive of journal offprints dating back as far as the 18th century. Ullman only actively collects offprints of journal runs or individual articles not currently available (either in print or electronically) via the main UNC Library System. Since the majority of serial scholarship is now available digitally, new offprint donations must be explicitly approved by the librarian and current faculty before admittance.

Library of Congress Call Numbers

Thesubject scope of Ullman collection primarily falls into the following Library of Congress call number ranges:

B 108-708 Ancient Philosophy
B 720-765 Medieval Philosophy
BC 1-199 Logic
BD 300-450 Ontology
BJ 71-1185 Ethics, history and general works
BL 1-2790 Religions. Mythology. Rationalism
BL 1109.2-1109.7 Religion – Antiquities. Archaeology. Inscriptions
BR 60-67 Early Christian literature. Fathers of the Church, etc
BR130-133.5 Christian antiquities. Archaeology. Museums
D 51-95 Ancient History
DE 1-100 Mediterranean Region, Greco-Roman World
DF 10-289 Ancient Greece
DG 11-365 Ancient Italy, Rome to 476
DS 155-156 Asia Minor
DS 327-329 Ancient Western and Central Asia
DT 43-154 Egypt
DT 160-177 North Africa
P 901-1091 Extinct Ancient or Medieval Languages
PA 1-8595 Classical Languages and Literature
Z 1201-4980.A-.Z National Bibliography
Z 5579.2 Ancient Civilization Bibliography
Z 6202 Ancient History Bibliography
Z 6207.G7 Greco-Roman Civilization Bibliography
Z 6515 Ancient Literature Bibliography
Z 7021 Greek Philology and Linguistics Bibliography
Z 7026 Latin Philology and Linguistics Bibliography
Z 8001-8999 Personal Bibliography

Types of Materials

Actively Collected

Books and reference materials, including atlases, bibliographies, encyclopedias, dictionaries, concordances, directories, thesauri, indexes and abstracts.

Selectively Collected

Dissertations & Theses; Journal Offprints.

Not Collected

Continuing serial subscriptions, audio-visual materials, juvenile literature, travel guides, and popular fiction.

Subjects Actively Collecting

Current faculty interests

Hellenistic Poetry Latin Literature
Ancient Athletics Roman Historians
Bronze Age Aegean Roman Art and Architecture
Greek Early Iron Age Latin Prose
Early State Formation in the Aegean Roman History
Latin Elegy Roman Law
Roman Comedy Latin Poetry
Roman Archaeology Greek and Roman Comedy
The Hellenistic and Roman Near East Satire
Vergil Homer
Republican and Augustan Poetry Greek Philosophical Literature
Pindar Greek Tragedy
Classical Tradition Greek Biography
Roman Religion Greek Prose
Latin Historiography Greek Historians
Roman Law Greek Historiography
Iron Age Near Eastern Archaeology Greek Literature and Culture
Hellenistic and Roman Art and Architecture Greek Law and Rhetoric
Greek and Latin Rhetoric and Oratory Greek Tragedy
Classical Didactic Poetry Hellenistic Poetry
Hellenistic Civilization Greek Archaeology
Greek Epigraphy Greek Political and Ethical Thought

Donor Agreement

Donors acknowledge that any materials not explicitly aligned with the current Collection Development Policy of the Library will be sold in Departmental Book Sales to benefit the Ullman Library and the Department of Classics.

You can view the donor agreement here.

Gifts of books are a welcome addition to the Ullman Library. Gifts may be added to the library’s general collection following our gifts and collection development policies. If UNC Libraries does not contain at least one copy of the donated item, then it may acquisition the item. Any books already in the collection or not within the scope of the collection may be sold at our annual book sale or discarded. Proceeds from book sales support the Library, the department, and its students.

Materials that generally are not accepted are

  • Physically deteriorating items
  • Outdated textbooks
  • Mass market paperbacks
  • Popular magazines and academic journals