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Tshirt winner
Winner Brianna Van Auken (center) with Latin instructor Andrew Ficklin (right) and Dept. Chair James Rives.


The second annual Latin T-shirt contest was a hit this semester with a record number of entries.  Earlier this spring, students in elementary and intermediate Latin courses had the chance to compose a phrase in Latin that exemplifies their love and understanding of the language.  The students in Luca Grillo’s sixth-semester Cicero course served as judges, selecting from the 52 entries the one submitted by second-semester student Brianna Van Auken.  Her phrase was perhaps cleverly aimed at her judges; she stated Amo Latinam sicut Cicero amat Ciceronem (“I love Latin just as Cicero loves Cicero”).  Andrew Whang claimed second prize with the following entry: Si tu legis hoc, lingua Latina non est mortua (“If you are reading this, the Latin language is not dead”).  Thanks to the Snow Fund for providing the funding and to graphics designer Jimmy Holcomb for doing the design work gratis.

The winning design!