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Many of our graduate students and faculty participated in the annual meeting of various professional associations.  Names of participants and their papers are listed below.

American Schools of Oriental Research (November 2015, Atlanta, GA)

Jennifer Gates-Foster, ‘Supplying the Eastern Desert: The Early Ptolemaic Pottery from Samut’

Joint Meeting of the Society for Classical Studies and the Archaeological Institute of America  (January 2016, San Francisco, CA)

Graduate Students

Alexandra Daly, ‘Camilla and the Name and Fame of Ornytus the Beast-Rouser at Aeneid 11.686-689’


Emily Baragwanath, ‘Myth and History Entangled: Female Influence and Male Usurpation in Herodotus’

Al Duncan, ‘Material Ghosts: Recycled Theatrical Equipment in Fifth-Century Athens’

Donald Haggis, ‘Excavations at Azoria, East Crete, 2013-2015’

Fred Naiden, ‘The Self-Definition of Alexander the Great’

Jim O’Hara, respondent for the Vergilian Society panel ‘Happy Golden Anniversary, Harvard School!’

James Rives, presider for the paper session ‘Prophecy’

Hérica Valladares, ‘Women’s Desire, Archaeology and Feminist Theory: the Case of the Sandal-Binder’

Australasian Society for Classical Studies (February 2016, Melbourne, Australia)

Emily Baragwanath, ‘Serenade on a Blue Guitar: The Nature of Speeches in Xenophon’ (Keynote Lecture)

College Art Association (February 2016, Washington, DC)

Herica Valladares, ‘Introduction: Eros and Enlightenment’ American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Panel (co-organized with Nina Dubin)

Classical Association of the Middle West and South (April 2016, College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, VA)

Graduate Students

Andrew Ficklin, ‘Love’s Madness and its Remedies in Propertius’

Keith Penich, ‘Continuation and Consistency in Pindar’s Eighth Pythian Ode’

Katherine De Boer Simons, ‘Blaming Helen: Inconsistency in Aeneid 6 and Odyssey 24′
Winner of the 2016 Presidential Award for Outstanding Graduate Student Paper

Erika L. Weiberg, ‘Changing the Script: Misdirection and the Family in Euripides’ Heracles’

Tedd A. Wimperis, ‘Rhetoric, Resistance, and the Innovation of Italian Identity in Aeneid 7-12′

Jessica Wise, Speaking Out: ‘The Speech of Matronae in Plautus and Terence’


Luca Grillo, presider for the paper session ‘Cicero’s Speeches’

James J. O’Hara, respondent for the panel ‘Teaching Vergil’s Aeneid at the College Level: Studies and Strategies’