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Winner David Mayes (center) with Latin instructor Sasha Daly (left) and Dept. Chair James Rives (right)

This spring, more than 60 undergraduate students in elementary and intermediate Latin participated in the third annual T-Shirt Competition.  Every student is given the chance to compose a phrase in Latin that exemplifies their love and understanding of the language.  The students in Will Begley’s fourth-semester intermediate Latin course served as judges, selecting a winner and runner-up from the 65 entries received.  David Mayes was awarded first prize with his phrase “Ullum holus esse Caesaris holus potest, si id satis transigas” (Any salad can be a Caesar salad if you stab it enough).  Carly Connoy took second place with “Mortua lingua necat me” (A dead language is killing me).  Both students were in Sasha Daly’s section of Intermediate Latin I.  Many thanks to Jimmy Holcomb for donating his time and talent in designing the shirts, and to Jim and Kay Snow, whose gifts make the competition possible.


The winning design!