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The Classics Department celebrated commencement this year at a very well attended ceremony on Mother’s Day in Murphey Hall.  The graduates and their degrees are listed below.


Perla Azucena Castillejos: History with a concentration in ancient and medieval history Major; Classics and Archaeology Minor

Abigail Laurin Dupree: Classical Archaeology Major; Highest Honors

Ann Grace Evans: Latin language Major

Alexander Warren Griffin: Classical Archaeology Major; History Minor

Luke Cotton Hildreth: Classics, Classical Civilizations Major

Jocelyn McKenzie Claire Hitchcock: Classical Archaeology & History Majors

Sebastian Tennyson Kennelly: Political Science & Classics (Latin) Majors; Politics, Philosophy, and Economics Minor

Jake Zachary Rohde: Classics Combined Greek and Latin & Philosophy Majors; Religious Studies Minor

Craig Lee Rollins: Economics and Classical Civilization Majors

Gabrielle Marie Smith: Exercise and Sport Science and Classical Civilization Majors


Claudia Sarah Kirshner


Brandon Todd Baker: M.A. in Classical Archaeology

Melanie Lynn Godsey: M.A. in Classical Archaeology

Kevin Miles Kallmes: M.A. in Greek

Lindsey Kay McCoy: M.A. in Greek (August 2017)

Nathan Israel Smolin: M.A. in Latin

Hannah Rebecca Sorscher: M.A. in Latin

Emma Noel Warhover: M.A. in Latin

Elizabeth Artemis Clark: Ph.D. in Classical and Medieval Latin

Daniel John Schindler: Ph.D. in Classical Archaeology

Tedd Alexander Wimperis: Ph.D. in Classics (August 2017)

Perla Azucena Castillejos
Faculty procession lead by Department Chair, James Rives
Front row from left: Dan Schindler, Tedd Wimperis Top row from left: Lindsey McCoy, Nathan Smolin, Melanie Godsey, Hannah Sorscher, Emma Warhover