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Over the past academic year, many graduate and undergraduate Classics students have been granted prestigious awards and fellowships from multiple institutions including UNC-Chapel Hill and the Classics Department.  Below is a list of the recipients and a brief description of their prize.

Graduate Students

Cicek Beeby
Awarded the Mellon International Dissertation Research Fellowship (IDRF) funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to conduct her dissertation fieldwork in the 2017-2018 academic year.  Cicek was among 70 individuals selected from 942 applications across 117 universities.  Those selected represent some 33 universities and disciplines of anthropology, cultural studies, art history and architecture, classics, geography, history, literature, political science, sociology, and urban planning.

In addition to the Mellon, Cicek was awarded a Wenner-Gren fellowship funded by the Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research as well as The George Hartman Summer Research Fellowship from UNC Graduate School.  The Wenner-Gren will contribute to her dissertation fieldwork for the upcoming academic year and the George Hartman Fellowship for this summer.

John Beeby
Awarded a Dissertation Completion Fellowship from the Graduate School at UNC-Chapel Hill to complete his project on archaeological and literary Etruscans.

Sarah Hilker
Awarded the Janice and Herbert Benario Award from the Classical Association of the Middle West and South to participate in the Postgraduate Course in Linear B and Mycenaean Greek at the British School of Archaeology at Athens, summer 2017.

Sarah was also awarded the Emily Townsend Vermeule Fellowship to participate in the Regular Session of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens for the upcoming academic year.

Matthew Schueller
Awarded a Fulbright for his dissertation research of Roman-era entertainment venues in the southern Balkans.  He will travel to Bulgaria and Greece throughout the upcoming academic year.

Nathan Smolin
Attending the American School of Classical Studies at Athens Gennadius Library Medieval Greek Summer Session in July.

Katie Tardio
Awarded the Dienje Kenyon Memorial Fellowship from the Society for American Archaeology which will provide support for her travel to Spain so that she may continue the excavation and study of faunal material at Renieblas, Spain.  She will also travel to Çadır Höyük in Turkey to work on faunal remains of Roman and Byzantine dates.

Undergraduate Students

Vittorio Bottini: The Eben Alexander Prize in Greek, UNC Classics Department
This award, established in 1887 and bestowed yearly by the family of the late Dr. Eben Alexander, Sr., is presented to the undergraduate student who presents the best rendering into English of selected passages of Greek not previously read.

Jessica M. Carter: The Herington Prize in Greek, UNC Classics Department
Evan D. Colby: The Herington Prize in Latin, UNC Classics Department
The Herington Greek and Latin Poetry Prizes were established in 1999 by Maynard and Florence Mack.  The Classics Department sponsors an annual competition in the recitation of Greek and Latin poetry in honor of John Herington.  The purpose of the competition, open to all undergraduates taking Greek or Latin at UNC, is to encourage the performance of poetry.

Perla Azucena Castillejos: Minority Scholarship in Classics, Society for Classical Studies
Awarded to minority undergraduate students, this scholarship aims to help students further their preparation in classics or classical archaeology during the summer with programs not available during the academic year.

Jake Z. Rohde: The Epps Prize in Greek Studies, UNC Classics Department
One recipient is chosen from among UNC Classics undergraduate juniors and seniors and graduate students of Greek.  The prize, as described by the late Professor Preston Epps in his will, should go to the student who “shows the greatest interest and promise in coming to understand the Greek language, literature, history, and outlook.”

Gabrielle M. Smith: The Albert Suskin Prize in Latin, UNC Classics Department
This award, established in 1966, is offered to the undergraduate student who shows the best ability to understand Latin poetry and to translate selected passages at sight.  The award is in memory of Albert I. Suskin, Professor of Latin and Chairman of the Department of Classics until his death in 1965 and was established in his memory by his colleagues and friends.

Philip M. Wilson: The Stacia Byers Wells Fund for Student Travel and Research, UNC Classics Department
Grants are awarded competitively to undergraduate students of the department (majors and minors) to support travel and research in the following areas: travel to participate in excavations or archaeological field projects, travel to professional meetings in the US or abroad, and faculty-student collaborative research, including work as research assistants.

Olivia M. Zitkas: The Herington Scholarship, UNC Classics Department
One recipient is chosen from UNC Classics majors and minors, with preference given to the best students in Greek. The purpose of the Herington Scholarship is to recognize achievement and to encourage undergraduates to continue their study of the Classics at UNC or abroad in the following year.

Nims Scholars

Established in 1979 by F. Boyden Nims in honor of his parents, Eunice and Luther Nims, the amount of this substantial award varies, but may pay tuition, room, board, and fees, and may be used by undergraduate students in the Department of Classics (majors and minors), with preference given to juniors and seniors for either in-residence study or study abroad.

Perla A. Castillejos: to participate in the Intensive Summer Greek course at King’s College London

Andrianna S. Dallis: to participate in the Azoria Project for the 2017 summer season

Alexander W. Griffin: to participate in the Azoria Project as a trench supervisor for the 2017 summer season

Philip M. Wilson: to participate in the Trinity College Hartford Summer Study in Rome