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The Classics Department celebrated commencement this year at a well attended ceremony on Mother’s Day in Murphey Hall.  The graduates and their degrees are listed below.


MaryRachel Bulkeley: Journalism & Latin Majors; Philosophy, Politics & Economics (PPE) Minor

Makala Moore: Classics (Latin) & Biology Majors

Anna Raybon: Classical Civilization Major; Art History Minor

Shelby Danielle Robertson: English and Classics (Latin Concentration) Majors

Shelby Aline Soutter: Classics (Latin) Major; Biology & Philosophy Minors

Kara Walker: Latin Major

Miller Wilbourn: English & Classics Majors

Philip Wilson: Greek and Latin, Latin emphasis Major; Medieval and Early Modern Studies Minor; Highest Honors


Mark Anson: Post-Bacc certificate in Classics

Alexander Warren Griffin: Post-Bacc certificate in Classics


Bryanna Rose Lloyd: M.A. in Classical Archaeology

Kelly McArdle: M.A. in Latin

India Moore Watkins: M.A. in Latin

William Edmund Lindsay Begley: Ph.D. in Classical and Medieval Latin

Catharine Judson: Ph.D. in Classical Archaeology