Commencement began at 1pm on Sunday, May 12th in Murphey Hall.

Graduating Majors and Minors Recognition:

Megan Ann Abernathy: Classical Archaeology Major, Women’s and Gender Studies Minor

Catherine Elizabeth Atkinson: Classical Archaeology Major, Religious Studies and Anthropology Minors

Thomas W. Bilden: Business Administration Major, Classical Humanities Minor

Jermaine Rafael Garson Bryant: Greek and Latin with emphasis in Latin Major; History Minor; Highest Honors Thesis

Andrianna Stavroula Dallis: Classical Archaeology Major

Emma Kathryn English: Classical Civilization Major

John Sutherland Gray: Classical Civilization and History Majors, Arabic Minor, Highest Honors Thesis

Alex Haggis: Greek and Latin with Greek concentration, Linguistics Minor, Highest Honors Thesis

Caroline Elizabeth Herman: Combined Greek and Latin Major

Leah Gray Hinshaw: Latin and Linguistics Majors

Esther Lee: Classical Civilization Major, Highest Honors Thesis

Emily Kathryn Thompson: Psychology Major, Classical Humanities Minor

Anna Kathryn Twiddy: English and Classics (Latin concentration) Majors

M.A. & Ph.D Degree Recognition:

Amanda Cates Ball: M.A. in Classical Archaeology

Rachael Gabrielle Dodd: M.A. in Classical Archaeology

Sarah Hannum Eisenlohr: M.A. in Latin

Matthew William Sherry: M.A. in Latin

John Benjamin Beeby: Ph.D in Classics

Emma Nicole Buckingham: Ph.D in Classical Archeology