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SCS/AIA (January 2019) San Diego, CA

  • Cicek Beeby: Organized session, “Death in the Polis: Social Context and Identities in Greek Mortuary Practice” and gave paper, “The Space and Place of Death in the Early Polis: Perspectives from Argos”
  • Andrew Ficklin: “Ovid’s Cadmus, Herculean Cattle-Thief?”
  • Melanie Godsey: “Merchants and Mercenaries: Crete after the Ptolemies”
  • Catharine Judson, Workshop co-organizer, “Sexual Harassment Policy for Archaeological Fieldwork Projects”
  • Emily Lime: “Local Elites and the Roman Transition in Northern Etruria”
  • Keith Penich: “The Same River Twice: The Anaurus-crossing(s) and Narrative Strategy in Apollonius’ Argonautica
  • Matthew Schueller: “Everything Old Is New Again: The Reuse of Theater Ruins in Late Antique Macedonia”
  • India Watkins: “Juno and Diana’s Revenge: The Use of Satiare in Ovid’s Metamorphoses

CAMWS Southern Section (Oct. 2018) Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC

  • Sarah Eisenlohr: “Creating Philaenis: The Epigrams of Aeschrion and Dioscorides”
  • Kelly McArdle: “Rethinking Julia Balbilla: Queer Poetics on Memnon Colossus”
  • Brian McPhee: “Drowned Out: Orpheus in Ovid Met. 11.1-66 and Apollonius Argon. 4.891-919”
  • Keith Penich: “Herakles Fading: A Metanarrative Arc in Apollonius’ Argonautica
  • Hannah Sorscher: “Susie the Ovidian Bear: John Irving’s Reception of Ovid’s Metamorphoses
  • Emma Warhover: “Metatheatrical Address in Plautine Epilogues”
  • India Watkins: “Wealth and the Female Body in Posidippus’ Epitaphs for Mothers”

Classical Association of the Atlantic States (Oct. 2018) Philadelphia

  • Kelly McArdle, “Matronae on Stage and in the Audience: Investigating the Reactions of Roman Wives to Plautine Comedy”

CAMWS (March 2019) Lincoln, Nebraska

  • John Beeby: “The Tarquins’ Ethnic Identity in Livy”
  • Katelin McCullough: “Re-Contextualizing Female Commemoration from the Sanctuary of Apollo at Cyrene”
  • Brian McPhee: “Inconsistencies in Characters’ Speeches in Apollonius’ Argonautica
  • Keith Penich: “Time and Place in Tibullus 1.10”
  • Nathan Smolin: “Vero Nomine: The Philosophical Analysis of Cult and Divine Names as Context for Book XI of Apuleius’ Metamorphoses
  • Hannah Sorscher: “Seasons of Eros: Weather Imagery in Ibycus 286 PMG”
  • Emma Warhover: “Traditional Values in Catullus: Marriage is for Procreation”