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Throughout her career at UNC-Classics, Caitlin has distinguished herself, recently winning theHerington Prize for Greek in fall 2012 and previously earning the award for her Latin reading. The Phi Beta Kappa member also held the Classical Association of the Middle West and South’s Manson A. Stewart scholarship this year.

Caitlin Hines

Caitlin Hines
BA ’13

After graduation I am going to the University of Toronto to pursue a Ph.D. in Classics funded by a Connaught International Scholarship.

I hope to continue studying Latin elegy and Roman Comedy, but I am heading into graduate school with an open mind and the expectation that something altogether different might catch my interest. I plan to supplement my studies in Classics with cross-disciplinary courses from the department of Women and Gender Studies.

I’m really looking forward to continuing my education in Classics, and I’ll never forget the excellent foundation and support that the UNC department and faculty have given to me. I feel incredibly lucky to call myself a graduate of the UNC Classics department.