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Words of wisdom from those who have been hired and do the hiring

Academic Job Search Handbook
Mary Morris Heiberger and Julia Miller Vick’s comprehensive book is available with a limited preview on Google Books and in full-text through the University Libraries.

Academic Job Application Checklist
Mary Corbin Sies, University of Maryland, College Park, began her professional career by applying to 140 jobs between 1984 and 1987. Reap the rewards of her experience by following her checklist for the job application process.

APA-AIA Checklist
Useful for philologists and archaeologists, this checklist details everything from what to do before you start applying to jobs to negotiating an offer.

Academic Jobs Wiki
This Wiki is a compilation of frequently asked questions and answers from a variety of sources, including the Chronicle of Higher Education‘s web forums.

From Start to Finish: Joy Connolly’s Guide
If you have not read this guide yet, it is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to follow from your early years in graduate school through the interviewing process.

How to Get A(n Academic) Job: Applications
This is Josephine Crawley Quinn’s succinct guide to the academic job application, including what to include in your cover letter and curriculum vitae and what to ask of your referees for their letters. Particularly useful is her transatlantic treatment of the process. Building upon her American experience as a graduate student at the University of California, Berkley while being a teacher at San Quentin prison and her current place as a University Lecturer in Ancient History at Worcester College, Oxford, she provides insights into what American and British search committees will be looking for.

Another Year, Another Job Market
Tenured Radical Claire B. Potter, The New School for Public Engagement, lends advice to those entering the market for the first time, those who are not, and those who are re-entering after obtaining a tenure-track position.

The Hiring Process from the Other Side
The career center from the University of California, Berkeley offers a balanced approach to negotiating the irrationalities of the job market, from searching advertisements to negotiating your contract.

MLA’s Information and Guidelines
The Modern Language Association offers a series of tip sheets for candidates and search committees, giving job seekers a rounded picture of what MLA candidates may expect while applying, interviewing, and negotiating for positions.

Your Official Job-Application Checklist
David D. Perlmutter writes his own checklist for job hunters, providing great organizational tips for the process of applying and how to polish your supporting documents.