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Professional Development Proseminars and Workshops
The department and the Graduate School each hold proseminars and workshops intended to help students navigate the academic profession.

This guide was published before the technological boom really impacted networking, but the author provides sage advice the holds across all mediums.

Joining Professional Groups
Discover what professional groups you should join as early as your graduate years to raise your professional profile.

Building Your Online Reputation
To extend your academic presence beyond the classroom or conference center, reap the rewards and stay clear of the risks of the cyber world.

Publishing Articles
A host of academics advise how to publish your first academic articles, with William H. Race providing expert advise in the Classics.

Navigating the Job Market
Read about everything from where to find job listings, interviewing protocols, and negotiating a job offer.

The Tough Questions
Find answers to some of the most common professional etiquette questions, particularly posed while searching for a position.