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Student NameTitle (M.A. or dissertation)Year DefendedCommittee
Beaty, Mary DavisForeshadowing and Suspense in the Punica of Silius Italicus (diss.)1960Getty
Everard, Patricia LynnMythological References in Catullus (MA)1960Suskin
Lloyd, Charles EdwardThe Classical Allusions in the First Three Acts of The Merchant of Venice (MA)1960
Student NameTitle (M.A. or dissertation)Year DefendedCommittee
Harris, Robert R.Allegory in the Cathemerinon of Prudentius (diss.)1961Getty
Jensen, Richard CarlDawn and Dusk in the Epics of Vergil and Lucan (diss.)1961Getty
Dempsey, Kathleen AnnA Literary Estimate of Marcus Porcius Cato Uticensis (MA)1961Suskin
Garrido, Lenin EduardoDeath in the Poetry of Catullus (MA)1961Getty
Harelson, KatharineMetaphor in Books One and Three of Lucretius' De rerum naturae (MA)1961Henderson
Holliday, Vivian L.Pompey in Cicero's Letters and Lucan's Bellum Civile (MA)1961Suskin
Student NameTitle (M.A. or dissertation)Year DefendedCommittee
Barnett, Robert JohnBurgerbibliothek Bern, Manuscript A.61: An Anonymous Medieval Commentary on Juvenal (diss.)1962Getty
Settle, James N.The Publication of Cicero's Orations (diss.)1962Allen
Robbins, Mary Ann StaplesAlliteration in Tibullus (MA)1962Henderson
Cline, Pervy A.The Apocryphal Correspondence of Paul and Seneca: The Development of the Tradition (MA)1962Martin
Student NameTitle (M.A. or dissertation)Year DefendedCommittee
Baucom, Kenneth LattaFour consolationes of Statius (MA)1963Reckford
Brown, VirginiaPoetic and Philosophic Similarities Between Empedocles and Lucretius (MA)1963Suskin
Perrine, William CalvertStudies in the Identity of the child of Vergil's Fourth Eclogue (MA)1963Suskin
Garrison, Daniel HodgesThe Old Man in Six Comedies of Aristophanes (MA)1963Reckford
Boggins, Kevin EdwardThe Second Charge against Socrates (MA)1963Reckford
Ziolkowski, John EdmundThucydides and the Tradition of Funeral Speeches at Athens (MA)1963Immerwahr
Student NameTitle (M.A. or dissertation)Year DefendedCommittee
Kurth, William CharlesA Commentary on Book XIII of the Noctes Atticae of Aulus Gellius (diss.)1964Getty
Pritchard, Janice CarolCaesar and the Germans (MA)1964Martin
Cunningham, William EnloeThe Role of Arcadia in Vergil (MA)1964Brown
Palanca, LouisThe Use of astrum in Classical Latin Poetry (MA)1964Martin
Wade, Donald W.Liber de Viris Illustribus Urbis Romae: A Translation, with Introduction and Notes1964Brown
Student NameTitle (M.A. or dissertation)Year DefendedCommittee
Boggess, William FranklinB. Averrois Commentarium Medium in Aristotelis Poetriam (diss.)1965Suskin
West, William CGreek Public Monuments of the Persian Wars (diss.)1965Immerwahr
Davis, C. GrierThe Voyage, the Chariot Race, and the Hunt: Three Motifs in Vergil's Aeneid (diss.)1965Reckford
Cacace, RosannFriendship in the Poetry of Catullus (MA)1965Reckford
Wilson, James WilliamMarriage and Related Customs in Herodotus (MA)1965Reckford
Defler, Joan H.The Gift Motif in Virgil's Aeneid (MA)1965Reckford
Student NameTitle (M.A. or dissertation)Year DefendedCommittee
Williamson, Ruth WillisCato Maior: facta et ficta (MA)1966Martin
Rankin, Kathleen Blanche CreeCornelius Nepos' Life of Themistocles: An Analysis of the Sources1966Martin
Curtis, Thomas BenjaminHorses and Their Riders in Two Plays by Aristophanes (MA)1966Kennedy
Hatch, Diane FowlerProblems of Translating and Interpreting Horace, Odes 3.1 (MA)1966Reckford
Student NameTitle (M.A. or dissertation)Year DefendedCommittee
Clinard, Johnson BurnsA Study of the Historical Epic at Rome from the Early Republic to the Neronian Period (diss.)1967Marti
Binnicker, Charles MathewsDidactic Qualities of Ovid's Ars amatoria (diss.)1967Brown
Maulsby, Donna OwenA Study of Morgan Latin 404: The Epodes of Horace (Folios 42-50v) (MA)1967Martin
Meredith, Donna KingAn Analysis of Terence's Adelphoe (MA)1967Martin
Cioppa, Frank SalvatoreDemosthenes' Characterization of Philip in the Macedonian Orations (MA)1967Martin
Hall, Ralph GordonLivy's Use of Paired Speeches (MA)1967Kennedy
Smith, Joan TidwellThe Concept of pietas: The Relationship Between Book II and the Other Books of the Aeneid (MA)1967Martin
Student NameTitle (M.A. or dissertation)Year DefendedCommittee
de Grummond, W.W.Saeuus: Its Literary Tradition and its use in Virgil's Aeneid (diss.)1968Reckford
White, Joseph SenterA Commentary on Lucii Annaei Senecae Naturalium quaestionum, liber 1, praefatio-I (diss.)1968Brown
Crisafulli, Virgil SantiAspect and Tense Distribution in Homeric Greek (diss.)1968Lane
Allison, Edmund PendletonGeographic and Ethnic Formulas in Homer and teh Catalogue of Ships (diss.)1968Immerwahr
de Grummond, Nancy ThomsonRubens and Antique Coins and Gems (diss.)1968Huemer, Richardson, E.
Moore, Susan A.Moore, Susan A. An Interpretation of Seneca's Epistulae morales ad Lucilium (MA)1968Kennedy
Ridlon, Joline FrancesDirect Addresses to Individual Persons in Cicero's Orations Down to the First Triumvirate (MA)1968Allen
Blakey, John MawsonDog Imagery in Aeschylus' Oresteia (MA)1968Brown
Gold, Barbara KirkHorace's Ode to Vergilius (MA)1968Reckford
Callender, John FrancisMistakes in Declamation: A Study of Dionysius of Halicarnassus' Ars rhetorica X (MA)1968Kennedy
Ogilvy, Margaret VirginiaThe Dexileos Monument (MA)1968Fuchs, W.
Wooten, Cecil W.The Use of prin with the Finite Moods in Fifth and Fourth Century Attic Prose: A Study in the Conditional Nature of the prin Clause (MA)1968Kennedy
Student NameTitle (M.A. or dissertation)Year DefendedCommittee
Loyd, James OscarBooks in Suetonius' De vita Caesarum (diss.)1969Allen
King, William JosephComparison and Contrast in the Short Poems of Catullus (diss.)1969Reckford
Sheerin, Daniel JosephJohn of Salisbury's Entheticus de dogmate philosophorum: Critical Text and Introduction (diss.)1969Marti
King, Cynthia Ann KentMilitary Equipment in Homer and on Attic Geometric Vases (diss.)1969Immerwahr
Packard, Jane PhillipsOfficial Notices in Livy's Fourth Decade: Style and Treatment (diss.)1969Broughton
Catlin, John StanleyThe Concept of Deception and Related Motifs, in the Histories of Herodotus (diss.)1969Immerwahr
Sussman, Lewis ArthurThe Elder Seneca as a Critic of Rhetoric (diss.)1969Kennedy
Desrosiers, Richard VictorThe Reputation and Political Influence of Lucius Cornelius Sulla in the Roman Republic (diss.)1969Marti, Broughton
Snyder, Jane McIntoshWord-play in Lucretius' De rerum natura (diss.)1969Reckford
Siebold, Jolie ThereseAlcyone and Ceyx in Greek and Latin Literature (MA)1969Brown
Briggs, Ward WrightAspects of Horace, Odes 3.19 (MA)1969Kennedy
Curtin, Brendan J.Deception in Vergil's Aeneid (MA)1969Kennedy
Goldsberry, Mary Alice SmytheLocal Government in Roman Sicily (MA)1969Broughton
Harmon, Shirley BradwayPopular Views of the Sophists in Fifth Century Athens (MA)1969Reckford
Pendleton, JulianaSatirical Elements in Three Odes of Horace: 2.18, 2.15 and 3.24 (MA)1969Reckford
Simms, Lawrence JosephTacitus on Seneca: An Interpretation (MA)1969Marti
Stephenson, Susan JaneThe Language of Sallust's Moral Judgments in the Catiline and the Jugurtha (MA)1969Allen
Soles, Jeffrey S.The Literary Tradition of the Heroic Palaces from Homer to Virgil (MA)1969Kennedy
Fincher, Hugh McCommonThe Pot Image in Persius' third satire (MA)1969Reckford
Wright, Judith AnneThe Settings of Cicero's Dialogues (MA)1969Allen
Phillips, Carolyn HendersonThe Treveri in Caesar's Bellum Gallicum (MA)1969Martin
Wade, Donald W.The Roman Auxiliary Units and Camps in Dacia1969Broughton