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Student NameTitle (M.A. or dissertation)Year DefendedCommittee
Perry, Margaret G.The Development of the Atellan Farce (MA)1920Howe
Ward, Linnie M.The Episode of Euryalus and Nisus in the Ninth Aeneid (MA)1920Howe
Student NameTitle (M.A. or dissertation)Year DefendedCommittee
Meanes, Kate deRossetLiterary Patronage in the Silver Age of Latin Literature (diss.)1926
Austin, Lucy EstelleEumenii: Pro instaurandis scholis oratio (MA)1926
Huff, John W.Mamertini Panegyricus Genethliacus Maximiano Augusto dictus (MA)1926
Meanes, Kate deRossetThe Gods of Italy in Virgil's Poetry (MA)1926
Griffin, Mack HallThe Roman Governors of Cappadocia from Vespasian to Diocletian (MA)1926
Brown, Otis M.The Roman Religion and Cicero1926Wallace Caldwell (Dept. of History)
Woodward, Clement M.A List of Latin words Containing Open E and Open O in Accented Open Syllables (MA)1926H.D. Learned (Dept. of Romance Languages)
Student NameTitle (M.A. or dissertation)Year DefendedCommittee
Honeycutt, Murray A.Panegyricus Mamertini Maximiano Augusto: A Translation with Introduction and Notes (MA)1927Harrer
Wertz, Sibyl MargueriteThe Juno of the Aeneid (MA)1927
Gwynn, John MinorThe Personal Relations of Cicero and Caesar (50-49 BC) (MA)1927
Student NameTitle (M.A. or dissertation)Year DefendedCommittee
Underhill, Florence EdgertonHorace and the Early Latin Poets (MA)1928
Gentry, EvaOvid's correspondence with his wife (MA)1928
Cheek, Philip MaconPrinciples of Arrangement of Material in Tacitus' Major Historical Works (MA)1928Harrer
Student NameTitle (M.A. or dissertation)Year DefendedCommittee
Griffin, Mack H.The Administration of the Roman Province of Cappadocia (MA)1929G.A. Harrer
Willard, E.P.Seneca as a Source for Information on the Early Caesars (diss.)1929
Nims, HoraceLegati Caesaris in Gallia (MA)1929Harrer
Elliott, Van CourtlandtA Military Diploma of 78 AD (MA)1929Harrer
Dean, VirginiaAugustus in Contemporary Poetry (MA)1929Harrer
Lawrence, Mary SilemaCertain Questions of Composition in Ovid's Heroides (MA)1929
Fleming, RuthGaius Trebatius Testa (MA)1929Harrer
Barden, Iva LelandLife and Literary Works of Marcus Caelius Rufus (MA)1929
Bush, Sarah JanieMarcus Aemilius Lepidus (MA)1929
Kennedy, Elizabeth CunninghamThe Reading of Pliny the Younger in the Literature of the Golden Age (MA)1929Howe
Jenkins, Edgar BryanThe Role of Ascanius in the Aeneid (MA)1929