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Student NameTitle (M.A. or dissertation)Year DefendedCommittee
Taylor, Herman WardAn Introduction and Commentary to Book 3 of Quintilian's Institutio oratoria (diss.)1970Kennedy
Curtis, Thomas BenjaminThe Judicial Oratory of Hyperides (diss.)1970Kennedy
Jones, Virginia NeblettA Study of the Book-endings of Virgil's Aeneid (MA)1970Bradley
Carlson, SusanA Study of the Method of Adapting and Borrowing from Ancient History in the Faits des romains, part I (MA)1970Marti, Kennedy, Montgomery
Blakey, Karla KelleyBuilding Imagery in the Plays of Plautus (MA)1970Marti, Packard, Broughton
Zener, Ann AdamsPlato's Phaedrus: Manifestations of an Heroic Journey (MA)1970Immerwahr, Kennedy, Stadter
French, Anne TeschThe Cantica of Plautus (MA)1970Stadter
Ward, Sarah MargaretThe Composition of the Banquet Scene in Etruscan Tombs: The Tomba delle leonesse, the Tomba bartoccini, the Tomba del triclinio, the Tomba della scrofa nera, the Tomba della nave, and the Tomba degli scudi (MA)1970Richardson, E. H.
Claudy, Nicholas HanfordThe Homeric Use of the Dual in the Embassy Scenes of the Iliad (MA)1970Immerwahr, Kennedy, Stadter
Mace, Hugh LockwoodThe Neolithic and Bronze Age megaron: A Catalogue (MA)1970Koeppel
Student NameTitle (M.A. or dissertation)Year DefendedCommittee
Houston, George W.Roman Imperial Administrative Personnel During the Principates of Vespasian and Titus (AD 69-81) (diss.)1971Broughton
McDonald, Ian RitchieThe Flavian Poets as Political and Social Critics (diss.)1971Kennedy
Gross, Nicholas PutnamThe Rhetoric of Love: Studies in Ancient Amatory Persuasion (diss.)1971Kennedy
O'Mara, Mechtilde TeresaThe Structure of the De oratore: A Study in Ciceronian Amplification (diss.)1971Kennedy
Battis, Florence DalyOlbos and Related Ideas from Solon to Herodotus (MA)1971Young, Reckford, Kennedy
Payne, Martha JoannaTriumphus: A Comparison of Triumphal Representations in Literature and Art (MA)1971Koeppel, Packard
Hawkins, Hubert WilsonDelivery in the Theory and Practice of Roman Oratory (MA)1971Kennedy, West, Reckford
Delph, Virginia D.How to End an Epic: A Study of the Traditional Patterns in the Endings of Latin Epics (MA)1971Kennedy
Zerner, Carol Cleveland WinderThe Ivories from the Early Archaic Artemision at Ephesus (MA)1971Immerwahr, S.A.
Kelley, Cynthia AnnThe Thematic Unity of Xenophon's Hellenica (MA)1971Stadter, Sider, Kennedy
Student NameTitle (M.A. or dissertation)Year DefendedCommittee
Wooten, Cecil W.A Rhetorical and Historical Study of Hellenistic Oratory (diss.)1972Kennedy, Immerwahr, Stadter
Hinckley, Lois VivianAjax and Achilles: Their Literary Relationship from Homer to Sophocles (diss.)1972Reckford, Immerwahr, Kennedy
Blakey, John MawsonCanine Imagery in Greek Poetry (diss.)1972Brown, Reckford, Immerwahr
Clarke, William MitchellIntentional Alliteration and Rhyme in Virgil and Ovid (diss.)1972Marti, Otis, Brown
Barrett, John FrancisMonumental Evidence for the History of the Alcmeonids (diss.)1972Immerwahr, West, Young
Evans, Harry BirbeckOvid's Publica Carmina: A Study of the Tristia and Epistulae ex Ponto as Poetic Books (diss.)1972Otis, Reckford, Kennedy
Sullivan, Denis FrancisPatterns of Causation in Thucydides' Narrative of the Archidamian War (diss.)1972Immerwahr, McCoy, Reckford
Gesell, Geraldine C.The Archaeological Evidence for the Minoan House Cult and its Survival in Iron Age Crete (diss.)1972Immerwahr, S., Koeppel, Sams
Thompson, David LowellThe Classes and Hands of Painted Funerary Portraits from Antinoopolis (diss.)1972Richardson, E.H., Sams, Koeppel
Rankin, Kathleen Blanche CreeThe Physician in Ancient Comedy (diss.)1972Reckford, Stadter, Young
Bowman, Phyllis SnyderThe Treatment of the Stoic Paradoxes by Cicero, Horace, and Persius (diss.)1972Reckford, Kennedy, Brown
Zimmer, Johanna M.Aegean and Near Eastern Palace Plans: The Problem of Architectural Interrelation in the Bronze Age (MA)1972Kennedy, Sams, Immerwahr, S.A.
Siepp, Warren SittEphorus: Historian of Technical and Social Progress (MA)1972Stadter, Immerwahr, McCoy
Student NameTitle (M.A. or dissertation)Year DefendedCommittee
Goldsberry, Mary Alice SmytheSicily and its Cities in Hellenistic and Roman Times (diss.)1973Broughton, Boren, West
Miller, Anne PaulineStudies in Early Sicilian Epigraphy: An Opisthographic Lead Tablet (diss.)1973Immerwahr, Young, Gates
Fleming, Thomas JamesThe Colometry of Aeschylus (diss.)1973Young, Stadter, Immerwahr
Giannini, Marion AmandaThe manuscripts of Giovanni Aurispa (1376-1459) (diss.)1973Stadter, Marti, Immerwahr
Culley, Gerald RayThe Restoration of Sacred Monuments in Augustan Athens (IG 2/32 1035) (diss.)1973Immerwahr, West, McCoy
Rutledge, Eleanor S.The Style and Composition of Ovid's Fasti (diss.)1973Otis, Marti, Reckford
Stone, Laura M.Euripides' Treatment of the Pelopid Saga (MA)1973Reckford, Stadter, Brown
Green, Edwin L.Particles in the Speeches of the Iliad (MA)1973Gates, Sider, Reckford
Crawford, Louisa NeilsonPosition and Influence of Roman Women of the Senatorial Class from Tiberius through Domitian (MA)1973Houston, Boren, Marti
Constantinople, George RobertThe Cave Sanctuaries on the Northwest Slope of the Acropolis (MA)1973Immerwahr, Koeppel, Sams
Schimizzi, Anthony J.The Corinthian Tyrants in Greek Historical Tradition (MA)1973West, Houston, McCoy
Student NameTitle (M.A. or dissertation)Year DefendedCommittee
Boyce, James L.Ixion: Origins and Meanings of a Myth (diss.)1974Brown, Sider, Immerwahr
Kopff, E. ChristianA Collation and Description of the Manuscripts of Sophocles' Antigone (diss.)1974Stadter, Immerwahr, Kennedy
Cross, Toni MarieBronze Tripods and Related Stands in the Eastern Mediterranean from the Twelfth Through Seventh Centuries BC (diss.)1974Immerwahr, S.A., Richardson, E.H., Sams
Simms, Lawrence JosephPlutarch's Knowledge of Rome (diss.)1974Stadter, Houston, Kennedy
Briggs, Ward WrightRepetitions from Virgil's Georgics in the Aeneid (diss.)1974Otis, Marti, Reckford
Hatch, Diane FowlerTelemachus and Virgil's Use of the Telemacheia in Aeneid 8 and 9 (diss.)1974Reckford, Otis, Marti
Beveridge, Martha J.The Active and the Contemplative Life in the Prose Works of Seneca (diss.)1974Marti, Reckford, Stadter
Harrison, James G.The Official Priests of Rome in the Reigns of Trajan and Hadrian (diss.)1974Broughton, Houston, Kennedy
Walsh, John J.Variety and Repetition in Hesiod and Aratus (diss.)1974Brown, Gates, Immerwahr
Solomon, Jon D.A Reexamination of the Orestes Papyrus (MA)1974Brown, Bowers, Immerwahr
Scully, Stephen P.Achilles and the Decision-making Process in the Iliad (MA)1974Immerwahr, Reckford, Gates
Bowsky, Martha W. BaldwinAn Examination of Historical Accounts of the Seven Kings of Rome: The Annalistic Tradition, Cicero, De re publica II.1-52 and Livy, Ab urbe condita I (MA)1974Houston, Kennedy, Marti
Castner, Catherine J.Animal Imagery in Lucretius (MA)1974Reckford, Kennedy, Houston
Gigante, Linda MariaAthenian Women of the Late Fifth Century: A Study Based on Attic Vase Paintings (MA)1974Immerwahr, S.A., Richardson, E.H., Koeppel
Canters, Minke W.Feminine Personalities in the Iliad the Odyssey and teh Longer Homeric Hymns (MA)1974Reckford, Kennedy, Houston
Moss, Patricia E.The Congress Decree (MA)1974Stadter, McCoy, Immerwahr
Haskell, Halford W.The Cult Area in the Southwest Quarter of the Citadel at Mycenae (MA)1974Immerwahr, S.A., Sams, Gates, Ch.
Ewbank, Joseph BoothroydThe Reasons for the Athetization of Lines in Homer's Odyssey (MA)1974Reckford, Zug, Brown
Williams, Jack HarrisonTraditional Elements in the Homeric Hymn to Hermes (MA)1974Brown, Gates, Immerwahr
Student NameTitle (M.A. or dissertation)Year DefendedCommittee
Mattusch, Carol C.Casting Techniques of Greek Bronze Sculpture: Foundries and Foundry Remains from teh Athenian Agora with Reference to Other Ancient Sources (diss.)1975Immerwahr, S.A.
McClintock, Richard ClareCicero's Narrative Technique in the Judicial Speeches (diss.)1975Kennedy, Houston, West
Gold, Barbara KirkLiterary Patronage in the Augustan Age: Propertius and Maecenas (diss.)1975Richardson, L., Reckford, Houston
Doyle, George WrightSt. Augustine's Tractates on the Gospel of John Compared with the Rhetorical Theory of De doctrina Christiana (diss.)1975Kennedy, Otis, Sheerin
Mason, Deedra KellerStudies in the Evagoras of Isocrates (diss.)1975Kennedy, West, Immerwahr
Kilmer, Martin F.The Shoulder Bust in Sicily and South and Central Italy: A Catalogue, and Materials for Dating (diss.)1975Richardson, E.H., Koeppel, Sams
Borelli, M. JaneThree Characters in the Works of Lucian of Samosata (diss.)1975Stadter, Kennedy, Reckford
Kapeck, CherylEilo in Homer (MA)1975Gates, H.P., Immerwahr, West
Wade, Katharine B.52 BC: A Chronological Study (MA)1975Houston, Kennedy, Sheerin
Burr, Elizabeth GeraldineChiron as a Pindaric Figure (MA)1975Reckford, Brown, Kennedy
Barnard, Mark A.Homeric Pylos (MA)1975Immerwahr, Gates, Sams
Jones, Emily W.Manuscript 93: A Description and Analysis (MA)1975Sheerin, Marti, Dessen
Smith, Janet E.Myth as a Persuasive Device in Plato (MA)1975Sider, Immerwahr, Gates
Miller, Linda L.Roman Nilotic Landscape Paintings and Mosaics and Their Antecedents (MA)1975Richardson, E.H.
Lewison, Richard JoelThe Description and Evaluation of Sexual Conduct in the Histories of Herodotus (MA)1975Reckford, Immerwahr, Stadter
Walker, Stella LeeZenobia of Palmyra: The Literary Tradition (MA)1975Kennedy, Sheerin, Dessen
Student NameTitle (M.A. or dissertation)Year DefendedCommittee
Newmyer, Stephen ThomasStructure and Theme in the Silvae of Statius (diss.)1976Marti, Reckford, Kennedy
Halpern, BetseyThe Contribution of Syntax to Poetic Effect in Horace's Odes (diss.)1976Otis, Reckford, Gates, H.P.
Degnan, Ines AnnA Comparison of the Treatment of Some matronae by Menander, Plautus, and Terence (MA)1976Reckford, Dessen, Amis
Koken, Kathryn LorimerA Study of Homeric hapax legomena as a Proper Category (MA)1976Gates, H.P., Immerwahr, Packard
Little, Barbara AnnMinoan and Mycenaean Water Supply Systems (MA)1976Immerwahr, S.A.
Adler, Jennifer B.Mycenaean Cuirass and Greaves: A Study of Defensive Armor in the LH IIIC Period (MA)1976Immerwahr, S.A., Richardson, E.H., Sams
Walker, Cheryl L.North Africa, 44-31 BC (MA)1976Houston, Boren, Kennedy
Wheat, Jennifer ChappellPastoral and Primitivistic Ideals in Vergil, Lucretius, and Thoreau (MA)1976Brown, Kennedy, Stadter
Presler, Henry A.Polybius' Account of the Cleomenean War (MA)1976West, Stadter, Immerwahr
Alexander, Carolyn I.Techniques of Greek Pebble Mosaic and the Transition to the Tessera Technique (MA)1976
Anderson, James ClaytonThe Uses of Arches and Vaults in Hellenistic Architecture (MA)1976Sams, Koeppel, Brown
Penniston, Joyce KendallThe Vocabulary of Death in the Third Decade of Livy (MA)1976Houston, Reckford, Stadter
Student NameTitle (M.A. or dissertation)Year DefendedCommittee
Bolter, J. DavidAchilles' Return to Battle: A Structural Study of Books 19-22 of the Iliad (diss.)1977Immerwahr, Reckford, Packard
Bell, Albert J.An Historiographical Analysis of De excidio hierosolymitano of pseudo-Hegesippus (diss.)1977Houston, Sheerin, Kennedy
Stone, Laura M.Costume in Aristophanic Comedy (diss.)1977Reckford, Stadter, Brown
May, James M.The ethica digressio as a Transition from Proof to Peroration in Cicero's Judicial Speeches (diss.)1977Kennedy, Houston, Marti
Woodruff, Sandria EwersThe Pictorial Traditions of the Battle Scenes on the Monument of the Julli at St. Remy (diss.)1977Koeppel, Richardson, E.H., Sams
Keitel, Elizabeth E.The Structure of Tacitus, Annals 11 and 12 (diss.)1977Houston, Stadter, Reckford
Hall, Ralph GordonTwo Panegyrics in Honor of Valentinian I by Q. Aurelius Symmachus: A Translation and Commentary (diss.)1977Kennedy, Houston, Sheerin
Williams, Mark F.Aristotle on Civil Strife and Revolution (MA)1977West, Kennedy, Koeppel
Paris, JaneRoman Monochrome Landscape Painting (MA)1977Richardson, E.H., Immerwahr, S.A., Koeppel
Johnson, Lynda LamsonThe Discussion of Rhetoric in Plato's Phaedrus (MA)1977Immerwahr, Kennedy, Packard
Morse, Martha ElizabethThe Military's Literary Role in Tacitus' Histories (MA)1977Houston, Kennedy, Amis
Student NameTitle (M.A. or dissertation)Year DefendedCommittee
Shreeves, EdwardLandscape, Topography and Geographical Notation in the Argonautica of Valerius Flaccus (diss.)1978Marti, Reckford, Kennedy
Miller, John F.Roman Elegaic aitia: Propertius IV and Ovid's Fasti in light of the poetry of Callimachus (diss.)1978Michels, Brown, Reckford
Mace, Hugh LockwoodThe Archaic Ionic Capital: Studies in Formal and Stylistic Development (diss.)1978Koeppel, Sams, Brown
Hardy, Thomas P.Applications of Modern Linguistics to the Teaching of Latin (MA)1978Gates, H.P., Dessen, Kennedy
Angell, George S.The Odyssey as Ontology (MA)1978Gates, H.P., Brown, Galligan
Carawan, Edwin McDonaldThe Argument kat' ananken in Thucydides (MA)1978Kennedy, Smith, Reckford
Student NameTitle (M.A. or dissertation)Year DefendedCommittee
Mason, Richard StitesArchitectural Problems at the Argive Heraion: The Northeast Building and Neighboring Structures (diss.)1979Koeppel, Sams, Richardson, E.H.
Castner, Catherine J.Functions of Descriptive Poetry in Lucretius 6.96-422 (diss.)1979Reckford, Solmsen, Michels
Moss, Patricia E.Persian Ethnography in Aeschylus (diss.)1979Immerwahr, West, Brown
Yates, Donald NealThe Cock-and-Fox Episodes of Isengrimus, Attributed to Simon of Ghent: A Literary and Historical Study (diss.)1979Marti, Kennedy, Tax, Sheerin
Craig, Christopher P.The Role of Rational Argumentation in Selected Judicial Speeches of Cicero (diss.)1979Kennedy, Sheerin, Stadter
Allen, Jeffrey K.The Date of Lykophron's Alexandra (MA)1979Smith, Stadter, Brown