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Student NameTitle (M.A. or dissertation)Year DefendedCommittee
Park, GloriaCypriot Sculpture in the Ackland Museum (MA)2000Haggis
Goldman, Andrew LeeThe Roman-Period Settlement at Gordion, Turkey (diss.)2000Sams, Koeppel, Haggis, Voigt, Talbert
Hastings, JesseAn Interpretation of Herakles at the North Carolina Museum of Art (MA)2000Haggis, Sams, Sturgeon
Gregg, Christopher ArmfieldHomoerotic objectification in Roman art: the legacy of Ganymede (diss.)2000Koeppel, Wooten, Sturgeon, Talbert, Houston
Clapp, Douglas C.The image of the tribunate in Livy (diss.)2000Linderski, Houston, Stadter, West, Wooten
Muse, Kevin BrianThe prodigal in Roman law (MA)2000Linderski, Houston, Reckford
Mash, Mark C.Associative thought in Herodotus' account of the Egyptian erga (MA)2000Stadter, Haggis, West
McElwee, Mary M.Narrative technique in Thucydides: the Plataean story (MA)2000Stadter, Houston, West
King, PeterThe cognitio into insanity (diss.)2000Talbert, Conley, Houston, Linderski, McVaugh
Bernardo, Yvonne L.Severitas: a study of a Roman virtue in Cicero (diss.)2000Linderski, Mack, Stadter, West, Weiss
Student NameTitle (M.A. or dissertation)Year DefendedCommittee
Dugdale, Eric KariProphecy and power in Sophocles' Electra (diss.)2001Brown, Burian, Downing, Reckford, P. Smith
Cheshire, Keyne AshleyThe form and meaning of Callimachus' Hymns 1 and 2 (diss.)2001Race, Brown, Mack, Reckford, P. Smith
Panciera, Matthew DavidSexual practice and invective in Martial and Pompeian inscriptions (diss.)2001Reckford, Houston, Koeppel, Linderski, Wooten
Sandridge, Norman B.The redemption of the embittered outcast in Sophocles' Ajax, Philoctetes, and Oedipus at Colonus (MA)2001Race, Reckford, P. Smith
Davis, Richard H.Virtue and praise in Pythian 5 (MA)2001Race, Reckford, P. Smith
Student NameTitle (M.A. or dissertation)Year DefendedCommittee
Buszard, Bradley B.The thematic unity of Plutarch's Pyrrhus-Marius (diss.)2002Stadter, Houston, Linderski, Oates, Talbert
McKay, Dennis WesleyAspects of Fortuna in Lucan's Bellum Civile (MA)2002O'Hara, Reckford, Wooten
Smith (Becker), Hilary WillsThe Etruscan castellum: fortified settlements and regional autonomy in Etruria (MA)2002Terrenato, Sams, Houston
Beneker, Jeffrey S.The Theme of Erotic Love in Plutarch's Late Republican Lives (diss.)2002Stadter, P. Smith, Talbert, West, Wooten
Hoffman, Jennifer Gray PalmoreEst modus in rebus: limits, boundaries and the mean in Horace's Odes Books 1-3 (MA)2002Mack, Reckford, Race
Holland, Lora LouiseWorshipping Diana: the cult of a Roman goddess in republican Italy (diss.)2002Linderski, Houston, Koeppel, Mack, Race
Johnson, Michael JosephThe negative connotation of miscere in Latin prose (MA)2002Linderski, Reckford, Wooten
Miller, Patrick L.The Body and the Body Politic: Disease in Hippocrates and Thucydides (MA)2002Stadter, Reckford, Reeve
Student NameTitle (M.A. or dissertation)Year DefendedCommittee
Mash, Carrie CoxRole, Relationship, and Song: The Sexual Dynamics of Theocritus' Idylls (MA)2003Race, James, Wooten
Becker, Jeffrey AlanAn Architectural Reappraisal of the Roman villa at Grottarossa (Monte delle Grotte) (MA)2003Terrenato, Sams, Houston
Muse, Kevin BrianWorthless Wastrels: Prodigals and Prodigality in Classical Antiquity (diss.)2003Linderski, Houston, O'Hara, Reckford, Stadter
Clark, Jonathan KennethPagan religions in the works of Jerome (diss.)2003Linderski, Houston, Lafferty, P. Smith, Stadter
Henstridge, MatthewThree Types of Manipulation in Herodotus' Histories (MA)2003Stadter, Vasunia, Smith
Vanaria, PeterForm and Function of Cult Buildings and Sanctuaries on Crete, 1200-600 B.C. (MA)2003Haggis, Terrenato, Sams
Stanley, RichardLiterary Constructions of Youth in the Early Empire: The Case of Nero (diss.)2003Reckford, James, Wooten, West, Houston
Vander Poppen, Robert EarlA convergent process model for state formation in the Mugello Valley (MA)2003Terrenato, Haggis, Billman
Cudabac, Christopher G.Bede's Integration of Gildas' De Excidio Brittaniae into the Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis Anglorum (MA)2003Lafferty, Houston, O'Neill
Student NameTitle (M.A. or dissertation)Year DefendedCommittee
Fiscelli, Kathryn A.Plants of Life and Death: An Examination of Three Plants Associated withthe Cult of the Dead (diss.)2004Linderski, Houston, Terrenato, Lafferty, West
Park, ArumThe Pastoral Landscapes of Vergil's Georgics (MA)2004O'Hara, James, Mack
Starks, John H.Actresses in the Roman World (diss.)2004Houston, Reckford, Linderski, Umberger, Talbert
Henkel, John H.Some Aspects of the Golden Age in Vergil's First Georgic (MA)2004O'Hara, James, Mack
Hawkins, Shane H.Studies in the Language of Hipponax (diss.)2004Race, Melchert, Reckford, Stadter, Weiss
Student NameTitle (M.A. or dissertation)Year DefendedCommittee
McDonnell, Kathryn J.A Gendered Landscape: Roman Women's Monuments, Patronage, and Urban Contexts in Pompeii, Isola Sacra, and Aquileia (diss.)2005Sturgeon, Houston, Boatwright, Linderski, Terrenato
Roy, C. SydnorStasis and the Construction of the State in Thucydides' History (MA)2005Vasunia, Race, Wooten
Killgrove, KristinaBioarchaeology in the Roman World (MA)2005Terrenato, Haggis, Hutchinson
Zimmermann, ErikaFocalization in Thucydides' Sicilian Expedition (MA)2005Vasunia, Race, Wooten
Sandridge, Norman B.Among Kings and Comrades: Jason's Leadership in the Argonautika of Apollonios Rhodios (diss.)2005Race, O'Hara, James, Lafferty, Vasunia
Gardner, Hunter H.The Waiting Game: Gender and Time in Latin Love Elegy (diss.)2005James, O'Hara, Mack, Wooten, Downing
Carlisle, David P. C.Vigilans Somniabar and Nec Fuit Nox Una: A Study of the Dream as a Narrative Device in the Metamorphoses of Apuleius Madaurensis (MA)2005Riess, O'Hara, Race
Student NameTitle (M.A. or dissertation)Year DefendedCommittee
McCall, Walter FFalerii Novi and the Urban Evolution of Italy From 338 to 241 BC (diss.)2006Terrenato, Magness, Boatwright, Sams, Houston
Robinson, Elizabeth C.Rural Settlement Patterns and Sanctuaries in the Middle Volturno Valley (MA)2006Terrenato, Truemper, Antonaccio
Becker, Hilary W.Production, Consumption and Society in North Etruria During the Archaic and Classical Periods: The World of Lars Porsenna (diss.)2006Terrenato, Haggis, Sams, Bonfante, Truemper
Student NameTitle (M.A. or dissertation)Year DefendedCommittee
Becker, Jeffrey A.The Building Blocks of Empire: Civic Architecture, Central Italy, and the Roman Middle Republic (diss.)2007Terrenato, Dyson, Wallace-Hadrill, Linderski, Sams, Truemper
Smith, Derek H.Xenophanes, the Gods, and the Reinvention of Poetic Authority (MA)2007Smith, Race, Holmes
Eaby, Melissa S.Mortuary Variability in Early Iron Age Cretan Burials (diss.)2007Haggis, Antonaccio, Magness, Sams, Terrenato
Polt, Christopher B.Latin Literary Translation in the Late Roman Republic (MA)2007O'Hara, James, Race
Wiltshire, DavidThe Semantics of CHRE in Aeschylus (MA)2007Smith, O'Hara, Race
Galligan, Erin E.From Tholos to Palace: Individual and Corporate Identity in Prepalatial Burials and Seal Iconography (MA)2007Haggis, Sams, Antonaccio
Wolfram, ElizabethThe Glory of Rome: Depictions of Architecture on the Columns of Trajan (MA)2007Truemper, Dillon, Terrenato
Student NameTitle (M.A. or dissertation)Year DefendedCommittee
Alexandre, Derick N.Prognosis and Therapy in the Hippocratic Corpus (MA)2008Smith, Alain Touwaide, Boyle
Gellar-Goad, Theodore H. M.Sacrific and Ritual Imagery in Menander, Plautus, and Terence (MA)2008James, Rives, Smith
Esposito, John E.Maintaining the boundaries of nomos: Phthonotic responses to sociopolitical perturbations in Herodotus' Histories (MA)2008Baragwanath, Boyle, Fred Naiden
Miller, Sarah H.History, Myth, and Audience in Thucydides: Harmodius and Aristogeiton (MA)2008Baragwanath, Boyle, Stadter
Patterson, J. CameronBeauty's Heartbeat: Ornamentation and Sentence-Length in Cicero's Ninth Philippic (MA)2008Wooten, Rives, Riess
Vander Poppen, Robert E.Rural Change and Continuity in Etruria: A Study of Village Communities from the 7th Century B.C. to the 1st Century A.D. (diss.)2008Terrenato, Riess, Talbert, Millett, Dyson
Student NameTitle (M.A. or dissertation)Year DefendedCommittee
Carlisle, David P.C.KAI ONAP KAI Y∏AP: Dreaming in the Ancient Novel (diss.)2009Reiss, Fred Naiden, Rives, Trapp, Wooten
Henkel, JohnWriting Poems on Trees: Genre and Metapoetics in Vergil's Eclogues and Georgies (diss.)2009O'Hara, James, Stephen Harrison, Rives, Race
Landis, Sarah A.A New Manuscript of Tiberius Claudius Donatus at UNC-Chapel Hill (MA)2009Babcock, O'Hara, Rives
Park, ArumTruth, Falsehood, and Reciprocity in Pindara and Aeschylus (diss.)2009Smith, O'Hara, Goslin, Wooten, James
Spencer, Andrew C.The Value of Imperial Virtutes in the Tabula Siarensis and the Senatus Consultum De Cn. Pisone Patre (MA)2009Riess, Rives, Talbert