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Student NameTitle (M.A. or dissertation)Year DefendedCommittee
Epley, Claudia E.Sacrificial Cult at Qumran? An Evaluation of the Evidence in the Context of Other Alternate Jewish Practices in the Late Second Temple Period (MA)2020Haggis, Gates-Foster, Valladares
Lang, A. EverettEmotion and Plot in Xenophon's Ephesiaka (MA)2020Rives, Baragwanath, Downie
Lime, Emily KatherineTo Stand in Playful Gardens: The Statues of Roman Garden Paintings and Foucault's Heterotopia (MA)2020Valladares, Gates-Foster, Haggis
Miller, Jackson NoahRethinking the Achilles at Skyros Myth: Two Representations From Pompeii (MA)2020Valladares, Gates-Foster, Haggis
McPhee, Brian D.Blessed Heroes: Apollonius' Argonautica and the Homeric Hymns (diss)2020Rosenmeyer, Race, O'Hara, Clauss, Lye
Schueller, MatthewPublic Entertainment Venues as Urban Network Actors in Roman Macedonia and Thrace (diss)2020Gates-Foster, Valladares, Rives, Haggis, Frakes
Student NameTitle (M.A. or dissertation)Year DefendedCommittee
Baldwin, Ryan MasatoRemember you are Mortal: A Historical Reading of Pindar's Olympian 1 (MA)2021Rosenmeyer, Race, Downie
Ficklin, Andrew C. Venus' Other Son: The Figure of Cupid in Augustan Literature and Art (diss)2021O'Hara, James, Valladares, Rosenmeyer, Downing
McArdle, Kelly I. Habeo Tergum: Humor about Brutality and the Elite Viewership of Plautine Comedy (diss)2021James, Rosenmeyer, Duncan, Weiberg, O'Hara
Needham, S. ElizabethHere and Now and Then and There: The Construction of Imagined Space in Sappho (MA)2021Rosenmeyer, O'Hara, Downie
Sorscher, HannahPro Filia, Pro Uxore: Young Women in the Conventional and Unconventional Families of Roman Comedy (diss)2021James, Konstan, Dutsch, Richlin, Duncan
Smolin, Nathan IsraelChrist the Emperor: Roman Emperor and Christian Theology in the 4th Century AD (diss)2021Rives, Pleše, Downie, Lenski, Smith
Warhover, Emma Noël Humor in the Historical Works of Tacitus (diss)2021Rives, Babcock, Baragwanath, Damon, James
Warlick, Cole JohnsonCommercial Horticulture and Domestic Space at Roman Pompeii: The House of the Ship Europa (MA)2021Valladares, Haggis, Shea
Student NameTitle (M.A. or dissertation)Year DefendedCommittee
Gaborek, Rebecca MarieSeeing Sound in the Pompeian Domus: Soundscape Analysis at the House of the Vestals (MA)2022Haggis, Shea, Valladares
Student NameTitle (M.A. or dissertation)Year DefendedCommittee
Claman, AlexThe Coastscape of Hellenistic Halasarna, Kos (MA)2023Gates-Foster, Haggis, Rives
Davis, Allison A.Reconsidering Continuity at Nichoria from the Late Bronze Age to the Early Iron Age (MA)2023Haggis, Shea, Gates-Foster
Dorey, Carolyn J.Early Hellenistic Alterations of Classical and Pre-Classical Healing Sanctuaries (MA)2023Gates-Foster, Shea, Rives
Eisenlohr, Sarah H.V.The Trauma of Ovid's Mythic Women: Rape, Captivity, Silence (diss)2023James, O'Hara, Rosenmeyer, Duncan, Weiberg
Godsey, MelanieThe Archaeology of Ptolemaic Garrison Supply in the Early Hellenistic Aegean (diss)2023Gates-Foster, Haggis, James, Fischer-Bovet, Baragwanath
Kendall, ChandlerPolitical and Sexual Conflict in Vergil and Propertius: Dido's Loss and Cynthia's Triumph (MA)2023James, O'Hara, Rives
McCullough, KatelinThe Re-Contextualization of Female Commemoration in the Civic and Religious Spaces of Cyrene (diss)2023Gates-Foster, Dillon, Haggis, Rives, Valladares
Moorman, SeanHerodes Atticus: Imperial Mimicry and Displays of Identity (MA)2023Downie, Baragwanath, Rives
Tardio, Katie A.Feeding Tarraco: A Zooarchaeological Approach to the Economy of Roman Spain (diss)2023Gates-Foster, Arbuckle, Barbera, Haggis, Valladares
Watkins Natterman, IndiaMismarked Flesh: The Interpretability of the Male Body in Julio-Claudian Literature (diss)2023James, Rives, Keith, Boone, Zimmerman Damer