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Professor of Classical Archaeology
Nicholas A. Cassas Professor of Greek Studies

Ph.D. 1992, University of MinnesotaDonald Haggis

Donald Haggis teaches archaeology courses in the Classics department and the Curriculum in Archaeology.  His research interests include settlement structure in the Aegean; the archaeology of Prepalatial, Protopalatial and Early Iron Age Crete; and the development of early cities and small-scale states after the abandonment of Bronze Age palatial centers in the Aegean (ca. 1200-600 B.C.).  He has excavated in the Athenian Agora, Kouphonisi (Crete), Vronda, and Kastro Kavousi, Kalo Khorio-Istron, and Azoria; participated in surveys at Kavousi, Vrokastro, and Gournia; and is currently studying Middle Minoan IB pottery from a closed deposit at the Minoan palatial site of Petras in eastern Crete.

Haggis is director of the Azoria Project, the excavation of a Final Neolithic and Early Iron Age-Archaic site in eastern Crete.  The most recent reports on the fieldwork at Azoria can be found in the Azoria Project Archive of the Carolina Digital Repository.

E-mail: dchaggisATemailDOTuncDOTedu

Donald Haggis (Academia)
Curriculum Vitae (PDF file)