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George L. Paddison Professor of Classics, Emeritus

Professor Race retired in 2016. His teaching and research interests included Greek and Latin poetry, rhetoric, and the Classical tradition. His books on these subjects include The Classical Priamel from Homer to Boethius (1982), Pindar (1986), Classical Genres and English Poetry (1988), Style and Rhetoric in Pindar’s Odes (1990), Pindar: Olympian Odes, Pythian Odes (1997) Pindar: Nemean Odes, Isthmian Odes, Fragments (1997), Apollonius Rhodius, Argonautica (2008), and Menander Rhetor [Dionysius of Halicarnassus] Ars Rhetorica (2019).

Recent articles include “Achilles’ κῦδος in Iliad 24,” Mnemosyne (2014); “Phaeacian Therapy in Homer’s Odyssey,” in P. Meineck & J. D. Konstan, edd., Combat Trauma and the Ancient Greeks (2014), and “The Art and Rhetoric of Lucian’s Hippias” in Mnemosyne (2017).

He is currently preparing an edition and translation of the orations of Maximus of Tyre for the Loeb Classical Library.

E-mail: whraceATemailDOTuncDOTedu
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