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Professor of Classical Archaeology
Nicholas A. Cassas Professor of Greek Studies

Ph.D. 1992, University of Minnesotad1600-excavation-progress-azoria-crete-130718-061

Donald Haggis teaches archaeology courses in the Classics department and the Curriculum in Archaeology.  His research interests include settlement structure in the Aegean; the archaeology of Prepalatial, Protopalatial and Early Iron Age Crete; and the development of early cities and small-scale states after the abandonment of Bronze Age palatial centers in the Aegean (ca. 1200-600 B.C.).  He has excavated in the Athenian Agora, Kouphonisi (Crete), Vronda, and Kastro Kavousi, Kalo Khorio-Istron, and Azoria; participated in surveys at Kavousi, Vrokastro, and Gournia; and is currently studying Middle Minoan IB pottery from a closed deposit at the Minoan palatial site of Petras in eastern Crete.

Haggis is director of the Azoria Project, the excavation of a Final Neolithic and Early Iron Age-Archaic site in eastern Crete.  The most recent reports on the fieldwork at Azoria can be found in the Azoria Project Archive of the Carolina Digital Repository.

E-mail: dchaggisATemailDOTuncDOTedu

Curriculum Vitae (Academia)
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