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Full-time Faculty EmeritiAdjunct and Associated Faculty

Full-time Faculty

Robert G. Babcock, Alumni Distinguished Professor
Adjunct Professor, Department of Romance Studies
Ph.D., 1983, Classics, Duke University
Paleography, medieval Latin, reception of Latin authors

Emily Baragwanath, associate professor
D.Phil., 2005, Classics, Oxford University
Greek historiography, Greek literature and culture, Myth, Women in Antiquity

Janet Downie, assistant professor
Ph.D., 2008, Classics, The University of Chicago
Second Sophistic and Imperial-era literature, Greek literature and culture, Rhetoric and Oratory, Ancient Medicine

Al Duncan, assistant professor
Ph.D., 2012, Classics and Humanities, Stanford University
Greek drama, performance, aesthetics, genre, visualization, cognitive approaches to literature, political reception of drama

Jennifer Gates-Foster, assistant professor
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Curriculum in Archaeology
Ph.D., 2005, Interdepartmental Program in Classical Art and Archaeology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Hellenistic and Roman Archaeology in the Near East and Egypt, Archaeological Ceramics, Achaemenid Studies

Luca Grillo, William R. Kenan, Jr. Scholar of Classics, associate professor
Ph.D., 2008, Classics, Princeton University
Latin oratory and historiography, epigraphy and numismatics

Donald Haggis, Nicholas A. Cassas Term Professor of Greek Studies
Adjunct Professor, Curriculum in Archaeology
Ph.D., 1992, Classical Studies, University of Minnesota
Bronze Age Aegean; Greek Early Iron Age; Early State Formation in the Aegean

Sharon James, professor
Adjunct Professor, Department of Women’s and Gender Studies
Adjunct Professor, Department of English and Comparative Literature
Ph.D., 1991, Comparative Literature, University of California at Berkeley
Latin elegy, Roman comedy, women and gender in antiquity

James O’Hara, George L. Paddison Professor of Latin
Ph.D., 1986, Classics, University of Michigan
Vergil, Republican and Augustan poetry, Hellenistic poetry

James Rives, Kenan Eminent Professor of Classics and chair of the department
Adjunct Professor, Department of Religious Studies
Ph.D., 1990, Classics, Stanford University
Roman religion, Apuleius, Latin historiography, Roman epigraphy, Roman law

Patricia Rosenmeyer, George L. Paddison Professor of Classics
Ph.D., 1987, Classics and Comparative Literature, Princeton University
Greek literature, especially archaic poetry, epistolary fiction, and epigram

Hérica Valladares, assistant professor
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Art and Art History
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Curriculum in Archaeology
Ph.D., 2006, Classical Studies, Columbia University
Hellenistic and Roman art, Campanian archaeology, image and text studies

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Carolyn Connor
D.Phil., 1987, Classical Archaeology, New York University
Byzantine Art and Civilization

George Houston
Ph.D., 1971, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Latin Literature, Roman Historians, Latin Epigraphy

George A. Kennedy, Paddison Professor of Classics
Ph.D., Harvard University

Jerzy Linderski
Ph.D., 1960, University of Krakow
Latin Prose, Roman History, Roman Religion and Politics, Roman Law, Latin Epigraphy

Sara Mack
Ph.D., Harvard University
Latin Poetry

William H. Race
Ph.D., 1973, Classics with a minor in Comparative Literature, Stanford University
Pindar, Hellenistic poetry, classical tradition

Kenneth Reckford
Ph.D., Harvard University
Greek Tragedy, Greek and Roman Comedy, Satire

Peter Smith
Ph.D., 1970, Classics, Harvard University
Homer, Greek philosophical literature, Greek tragedy

Philip Stadter
Ph.D., 1962, Harvard University
Greek Historiography and Biography

William West
Ph.D., 1965, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Greek Prose, Greek Historians, Greek Epigraphy

Cecil Wooten
Ph.D., 1972, Classics, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Greek and Latin rhetoric and oratory, the ancient novel

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Adjunct and Associated Faculty

Eric Downing
Comparative Literature
Ph.D., 1987, University of California at Berkeley
Ancient Literary Theory, Ancient/Modern Relations

Bart Ehrman
Department of Religious Studies
Ph.D., 1985, Princeton Theological Seminary
Hellenistic Religion, New Testament

J.H. Lesher
Department of Philosophy
Ph.D., Rochester
Ancient Greek Philosophy

Mariska Leunissen
Department of Philosophy
Ph.D., 2007, Leiden University
Ancient Greek Philosophy

Pamela Lothspeich
Department of Asian Studies
Ph.D., 2003, Columbia University
Sanskrit epics in literature and performance

Jodi Magness
Department of Religious Studies
Ph.D., 1989, The University of Pennsylvania
Early Judaism

Fred Naiden
Department of History
Ph.D., 2000, Harvard University
Greek History

Zlatko Plese
Department of Religious Studies
Ph.D., 1996, Yale University
Ancient Mediterranean Religions

C.D.C. Reeve
Department of Philosophy
Ph.D., Cornell University
Greek Philosophy

Richard Talbert
Department of History
Ph.D., 1972, University of Cambridge
Roman History

Jessica Wolfe
Department of English and Comparative Literature
Ph.D., 2000, Stanford University
Classical Reception in Renaissance Literature

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