Daniel Schindler

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Classical Archaeology

Entering class of 2010ds

Daniel received his B.A. in Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology, Latin, and Greek cum laude from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities and his M.A. from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  His Masters Thesis (Synagogue on Delos: Identification and Context) reassesses the much-debated identification of the building GD 80 on the island of Delos as a synagogue.  It is argued that any definite identification of the building GD 80 is not currently possible.  His dissertation investigates locally made coarse ware (or common) pottery and presents a typology and chronology of the ceramic corpus from several excavated Late Roman and Byzantine (fourth to seventh centuries C.E.) rural Galilean settlements.  The project integrates intensive quantitative analysis of pottery assemblages with more traditional types of material evidence (numismatics, architecture), and examines patterns of production, trade, and consumption.  He has excavated at Tel Kedesh (Israel) and is currently a senior staff member and ceramic specialist at the Huqoq Excavation Project.

E-mail: dschindl@email.unc.edu

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