David is a first-year PhD candidate at UNC Chapel Hill. He received his BA in Classical Languages at Trinity University (San Antonio, TX) in 2015, where he wrote a senior thesis, City-Foundation in Vergil’s Aeneid, under the guidance of Dr. Tim O’Sullivan. He has just completed his MA in Classics at Washington University in St. Louis. His Master’s thesis, Dreams, Visions, and their Interpretation in Lucan’s Pharsalia, advised by Cathy Keane, examines the device of the prophetic dream in Lucan from both literary and historiographical perspectives, and argues that the increasing non-reliability of dreams in the epic points out a tendency (in part by historians) to employ dreams to modify their historical narrative and indicates a deeper problem of the impossibility of grasping historical truth. David’s research interests involve the articulation and definition of cultural (especially Roman) identity as seen in works of literature, reception and allusion, and the development of generic traditions, with a focus on Imperial and Augustan poetry and prose.

Curriculum Vitae