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This award was established in 1887 by the family of Eben Alexander, Professor of Greek from 1886 to 1909, and is awarded annually to the undergraduate student who, in the opinion of the faculty of the Department of Classics, presents the best rendering into English of selected passages of Greek not previously read.  The award is presented at the Chancellor’s Award Ceremony in April.

2020: Evan O’Neal Colby
Senior Greek and Latin major and Linguistics minor


2019: Evan O’Neal Colby
Junior Greek and Latin major and Linguistics minor


2018: Evan O’Neal Colby
Sophomore Greek and Latin major and Linguistics minor



Previous Winners
2017: Vittorio Bottini
2016: Emily Grace Shanahan
2015: Nicole Grace Curtis
2014: Alexander Edward Karsten
2013: Caitlin Olson Hines
2012: Margaret Mae Funkhouser
2011: Ashleigh Elizabeth Fata
2010: Henry L. Spelman
2009: Henry L. Spelman
2008: Ian Robert Bensberg
2007: Joshua M. Smith
2006: Theodore H. M. Gellar
2005: Christopher Jackson Childers
2004: Christopher Jackson Childers
2003: Jeffrey Lawton Mikell
2002: Aaron Thomas Lipka
2001: John Francis Carella
2000: Elizabeth Ann Osborne
1999: James William McCleary
1998: Lambrini Pappas
1997: Meghan Agresto
1996: Rebecca Ruth Benefiel
1995: Meghan Agresto
1994: Selina Kathryn Cox
1993: Lisa M. Cunningham and Elizabeth Chambles Degrummond
1992: Kathryn Ann Fiscelli
1991: Jeanine Mary Williamson
1990: John Haley Walker
1989: Gregory Wayne Burriss
1988: Ryan Krieger Balot
1987: Sarah Bland Smith
1986: Jeffrey Alan Trexler
1985: Jeffrey Alan Trexler
1984: Jonathan Daniels Inman Jr
1983: Christina Nora Oldham
1982: Margaret Robson Graver
1981: David Baynes Morris
1980: Paul Boezi Langford
1979: Diane Susan Legomsky
1978: Amanda Parsley Worth and Sambra Jane Pittard
1977: Clifton Holland Kreps III
1976: Sarah Purefoy Morris
1975: Mary Louise M. Bilger
1974: Edwin McDonald Carawan
1973: Mark Albert Suskin
1972: Jack Harrison Williams
1971: Judith B. Marshall
1970: George Lalazissis
1969: Charles P. Ducey
1968: Michael W. Taylor
1967: Hugh M. Fincher
1966: George Wright Doyle
1965: Gray Temple Jr.
1964: John Christopher
1963: William Carl Imes
1962: Johnson B. Clinard
1961: Clarence N. Dillard
1960: Norton F. Tenille Jr. and William J. King
1959: Barney L. Rickenbacker and George Atkins O’Hanlin
1958: Stephen Michael Simpson
1957: James Gerity Harrison Jr.
1956: Herman Ward Taylor Jr.
1955: Thomas Wilgus
1954: David Brelawski
1953: Frederick Wright Volger
1952: Makis Papas
1951: Eddie Exum Best
1950: Urbam Tigner Holmes III
1949: Morris Knudsen
1948: Hassell Brantley Slidd
1947: Gay Morenus
1946: Margaret W. Matthews
1945: Harry D. Holden
1944: Elizabeth Terry Couch
1943: Helen Byrnes Lanneau
1942: Robert Alexander Moore Jr.
1941: Thomas Searle Deering Jr.
1940: Cameron Murchinson Jr.
1939: Edwin Anderson Penick Jr.
1938: Wieder David Sievers
1937: Ida Winstead
1936: Susanne Barden Winstead
1935: Daniel Joshua Walker Jr.
1934: Thomas Moorman Simkins Jr.
1933: Eugene G. Chaoush
1932: Alfred Garvin Engstrom
1931: Richard Arnzen Chace
1930: Eugene Gabriel Chaoush
1929: H.F. Teush
1928: W.H. Maxwell
1927: L.C. Cheek
1926: P.M. Cheek
1925: J.A. Martin
1924: P.A. Clement Jr.
1923: P.H. Edwards Jr.
1922: A.F. Raper
1921: E.P. Willard Jr.
1920: F.D. Bell
1919: W.R. Beryhill
1918: R.B. Gwynn
1917: H.V. Wilson Jr.
1916: J. Mynor Gwynn
1915: F.F. Bradshaw
1914: Robert B. House
1913: D.L. Rights
1912: R.O.Huffman
1911: F.W. Morrison
1910: E.W. Turlington
1909: A.L. Field
1908: R.A. Urquhart
1907: K.D. Battle
1906: P.J. Haley
1905: J.J. Parker and P.H. Royster
1904: V.L. Stephenson
1903: Herbert Henry Moses
1902: Sidney Swaim Robins
1901: J.R. Giles
1900: William McLelland Stevenson
1899: Philip Hall Busbee and Milton McIntosh
1895-1898-not given
1894: Thomas James Wilson Jr.
1893: R.M. Davis, J.T. Pugh, and W.B. Snow
1892: F.C. Mebane, J.C. Biggs, and F.L. Wilcox
1891: James Crawford Briggs
1890: Frank Carter Mebane
1889: Shepard Bryan and Palmer Dalrymple
1888: Alexander McIver Jr.
1887: William James Battle

The Suskin Prize is in Memory of Albert I. Suskin, first a student in the Department and then, starting in 1936, a faculty member, and lastly Chair from 1960 until his death in 1965. The prize, established in 1966 by his friends and colleagues, is offered to the undergraduate student who shows the best ability to understand Latin poetry and to translate selected passages at sight. It is presented at the Chancellor’s Award Ceremony in April.

Make a gift to the Albert Suskin Memorial Fund (101471)

2020: Arjun Guidroz
Sophomore Latin and Greek Major and Politics, Philosophy, & Economics minor


2019: Jermaine Bryant
Senior Latin and Greek major and History minor


2018: Evan O’Neal Colby
Sophomore Greek and Latin major and Linguistics minor



Previous Winners
2017: Gabrielle Marie Smith
2016: Kristina W. Cheung
2015: Kristina W. Cheung
2014: Kristina W. Cheung
2014: Rachel E. H. Mazzara
2012: Caitlin Hines
2011: Hannah Rich
2010: Evan K. Rose
2009: Henry L. Spelman
2008: Allison Elise Das
2007: Joshua M. Smith
2006: Theodore H. M. Gellar
2005: Christopher Jackson Childers
2004: Christopher Jackson Childers
2003: Jonathan Arnold Karpinos
2002: Sarah Spicer Zerner
2001: Jennifer Elizabeth Thomas (1st place) and Julia Kirklin (2nd place)
2000: Sarah Alison Rogers
1999: James William McCleary
1998: Leslie Carolyn Kendrick
1997: not given
1996: Leslie Carolyn Kendrick
1995: Rebecca Benefiel
1994: Daniella Christina Hunt
1993: Christopher Harker Hunt
1992: Van Jesse Wilson
1991: Jeffrey Hugh Kennedy
1990: John Haley Walker
1989: Joseph Anthony Stumpf
1988: Ryan Krieger Balot
1987: Joselyn Catherina Ballantyne
1986: William Adams Darden Jr.
1985: Karen Lynn McQuaid
1984: John Burnside Howard Jr.
1983: Susan Gray Ratchford
1982: Margaret Robson Graver
1981: Margaret Robson Graver
1980: Margaret Robson Graver
1979: Paul B. Langford
1978: Sambra Jane Pittard
1977: Steven Lowell Coates
1976: Clifton Holland Kreps
1975: Mrs. Mary Louise M. Bilger
1974: Clifton Holland Kreps
1973: Thomas E. Cunningham III
1972: Martha Welborn Baldwin
1971: Martha Ann Welborn
1970: Charles Pendleton Ducey
1969: Charles Pendleton Ducey
1968: Charles Pendleton Ducey
1967: Florence Elder Witt
1966: Florence Elder Witt

This annual award was established in 1983 through a bequest of Preston H. Epps, a faculty member in the Department starting in 1915 and Professor of Greek from 1943 until his retirement in 1961. As described by the late Professor Epps in his will, it goes to “that student who said faculty shall judge shows the greatest interest and promise in coming to understand the Greek language, literature, history, and outlook.” All junior and senior Classics majors and minors and graduate students of Greek at UNC are eligible. Up to 2017 it was awarded annually to either an undergraduate or a graduate student; starting in 2018, two awards have been made each year, one to an undergraduate and one to a graduate student. See the graduate student recipients here.

2020: Allison Ruvidich
Senior Classics and English double major


2019: Ashley Choo-Hen
Junior Classics (Combined Greek and Latin) and Comparative Literature double major with a minor in Music.


2018: Caroline Elizabeth Herman
Junior Greek and Latin Classics major (Greek concentration)



Previous Winners
2017: Jake Z. Rohde
2016: Amanda M. Kubic
2015: Andrew Haynes Fulghum Cabaniss
2014: Erika L. Weiberg
2013: Rachel Elizabeth Hannah Mazzara
2012: Henry Laurence Ross
2011: Derick Alexandre
2010: Theodore H. M. Gellar-Goad
2009: Henry L. Spelman
2008: Derek Smith
2007: Austin Walker
2006: Arum Park
2005: Christopher Jackson Childers
2004: David M. DeWeese
2003: Steven Breedlove
2002: Steven Breedlove
2001: Patrick Miller
2000: Meg Butler
1999: Katherine Dickson
1998: Jeremy Leftt

The Herington Greek and Latin Poetry Prizes, named in honor of John Herington, are awarded each year for the best oral performance of assigned passages of Greek and Latin poetry. The competition, open to all undergraduates taking Greek or Latin at UNC, was initially held in the spring but was moved to the fall starting in fall 1999. In 2003 the rules were changed so that previous winners became ineligible to compete again in the same language in following years.

Make a gift to the John Herington Memorial Fund (107419)

2019: Rachel Justine Anstett (Latin)
Senior Latin Major and Biology Minor
Micah Mullarkey (Greek)
Sophomore Hispanic Literatures and Cultures Major and Translation and Interpretation Minor


2018: Mia Collins (Latin)
Senior Dramatic Arts Major and Latin Minor
Alex Haggis (Greek)
Senior Classics Major and Linguistics Minor


2017: Jermaine Rafael Garson Bryant (Latin)
Junior Latin and Political Science double major
Ashley Michelle Choo-Hen (Greek)
Sophomore Classics major (combined Greek and Latin)


Previous Winners
2016: Evan O’Neal Colby (Latin)
Jessica M. Carter (Greek)
2015: Evan C. Sink (Latin)
Elizabeth Li (Greek)
2014: Philip Wilson (Latin)
Emily E. Fleming (Greek)
2013: Emily E. Fleming (Latin)
Andrew Cabaniss (Greek)
2012: Heather Swanson (Latin)
Caitlin Hines (Greek)
2011: Caitlin Hines (Latin)
Daniel Ferguson (Greek)
2010: Ashleigh Fata (Latin)
Amy Anderson (Greek)
2009: Benjamin Ossoff (Latin)
Ashleigh Fata (Greek)
2008: Amy Anderson (Latin)
Paul Nguyen (Greek)
2007: Jan E. B. Koelb (Latin)
David J. Paterson (Greek)
2006: Joshua M. Smith (Latin)
Jan E. B. Koelb (Greek)
2005: Theodore H. M. Gellar (Latin)
Austin Walker (Greek)
2004: Jennifer E. Lee (Latin)
Sarah S. Zerner (Greek)
2003: Christopher J. Childers (Latin)
Christopher J. Childers (Greek)
2002: Christopher J. Childers (Latin)
Andrew Clay (Greek)
2001: Julia Kirklin (Latin)
Aaron Lipka (Greek)
2000: Aaron Lipka (Latin)
Jennifer Thomas (Greek)
1999: Sara Rogers (Latin)
Patrick Kinlaw (Greek)
1999 (spring): Jennifer Thomas (Latin)
1998 (spring): Jennifer Thomas (Latin)
Christina Kolb (Greek)

The Herington Scholarship, named in honor of C. John Herington, is awarded annually to the best undergraduate student of Greek. All first-year, sophomore and junior UNC Classics majors and minors are eligible. The purpose of the Herington Scholarship is to recognize achievement and to encourage undergraduates to continue their study of classics at UNC or abroad in the following year.

Make a gift to the John Herington Memorial Fund (107419)

2020: Yuhao Zhou
Sophomore Computer Science and Statistics and Analytics double major and Greek minor


2019: Shawna Milam
Junior Classical Archaeology major and Jewish Studies minor


2018: Allison Melody Ruvidich
Sophomore English and Greek double major



Previous Winners
2017: Olivia M. Zitkus
2016: Gordon M. Wilbourn
2015: Jaboa M. Little
2014: David Ortiz
2013: Nicole Grace Curtis
2012: Caitlin Hines
2011: Rebekah Rust
2010: Lucas Darden
2009: Ashleigh Fata
2008: Henry Spelman
2007: Henry Spelman
2006: Austin Walker
2005: William R. Smith
2004: Christopher J. Childers
2003: Julia Kirklin
2002: Justin Carreker
2001: John Carella
2000: Joyce Morris
1999: Sarah Rogers
1998: Margaret Butler

The Ullman Prize is funded by an endowment established in 1963 by B.L. Ullman, Professor of Latin from 1944 to 1959 and department chair, for the purpose of encouraging students in their study of Latin. After a period in abeyance, the prize was re-established in 2018. It is now awarded annually to a student enrolled in fourth semester Latin (LATN 204 or 205) who shows the best ability to translate at sight selected passages of Latin in a competitive written examination.

Make a gift to the B. L. Ullman Memorial Fund (101151)

2020: Sarah Morehouse
Junior Classics and English double major


2019: Marilyn Boutté
First-Year Public Policy Major


2018: Thomas Walker Bilden
Junior Business Administration major (finance concentration) and Classical Humanities minor

The scholarship is awarded by the Classical Association of the Middle West and South (CAMWS) to students majoring in Classics at the sophomore or junior level in recognition of outstanding achievement and promise.  The Department faculty normally nominate two students every year for this award.

2020: Arjun Guidroz
Sophomore Latin and Greek Major and Politics, Philosophy, & Economics minor


2019: Grace Miller
Sophomore Combined Latin and Greek with a Latin Emphasis


2019: Olivia Zitkus
Junior Economics and Classics (Combined Latin and Greek – Greek Focus) double major


2018: Ashley Choo-Hen
Sophomore Classics and English double major



Previous Winners
2016: Philip Murray Wilson
2015: Allison Ditmore and Jake Rohde
2014: Nicole Curtis
2012: Caitlin Hines
2005: Joshua M. Smith