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Student NameTitleYear DefendedCommittee
Rogers, Sarah AlisonRape and Identity in Ovid's Metamorphoses2000Mack, Eric Downing, Reckford
Butler, Margaret ErwinApproaches to Geometric Decoration in 8th c. Phrygia2000Sams, Sturgeon, Haggis
Student NameTitleYear DefendedCommittee
Thomas, Jennifer ElizabethThe Language of Friendship: Obligation and Emotion in Horace's Epistles I2001Reckford, Mack, James
Dickson, Katherine AnneThucydides and his Cold War Interpreters2001Stadter, Race, Smith
Carella, John FrancisDivine Causes in Herodotus and Thucydides2001Race, Stadter, Smith
Student NameTitleYear DefendedCommittee
Urquhart, Lela ManningThe Reuse and Continuity of Punic Sanctuaries in Sicily2002Terrenato, Haggis, Smith
Raines, Meganne MarieSculptural Decoration at the Church of Hagios Polyeuktos in Constantinople2002Connor, Sturgeon, Sams
Locklear, Cole GarrettConstruction of Character in Cicero's Pro Ligario2002Wooten, Race, West
Student NameTitleYear DefendedCommittee
Pilkington, Nathan LaughlinThe Gask Ridge and Stanegate Frontiers: a new history and analysis of Roman and native interaction in Britain2003Talbert, Terrenato, Houston
Levin-Richardson, Sarah AdinaThe Representation of Women in the Mosaics of Saint Demetrios in Thessaloniki2003Connor, James, Sams, Dorothy Verkerk
Kirklin, Julia AnneSheep and Shepherd Imagery in Literature: Homer Through the Early Christian Period2003Race, Reckford, Lafferty
Carreker, Justin MichaelWhat's Truly Good and What is Good in Show: Juvenal's Orator and Johnson's Scholar2003Reckford, Lafferty, Thomas Stumpf
Opitz, Rachel ShiraModeling Donoratico: GIS and Digital Modeling in Classical Archaeology2003Terrenato, Haggis, Vincas Steponaitis
Student NameTitleYear DefendedCommittee
Ratliff, Melissa LeighA Rare Find at Donoratico: A Mortar Mixer Dating to the Fourth or Fifth century A.D. A review of the Comparanda and implications of this find for Donoratico2004Terrenato, Houston, Lafferty
DeWeese, David MatthewTime in the Gospel of John: An Exploration2004 Race, Lafferty, Smith
Student NameTitleYear DefendedCommittee
Huntley, Katherine V.Hilltop Settlement Patterns in Northern Tuscany during Antiquity and the Middle Ages2005Terrenato, Haggis, Dorothy Verkerk
Student NameTitleYear DefendedCommittee
Austin, Margaret R.Plutarch on the Isolated Tyrant2006Stadter, Wooten, Riess
Student NameTitleYear DefendedCommittee
Smith, JoshuaHospitium an Pathos in Vergil's Aeneid2007O'Hara, James, Smith
Walker, AustinProphecy's Complex Relationship with the Mortal and Divine Realms: A Tracing of the Prophetic Language within the Oedipus Tyrannus2007Race, Smith, Holmes
Barber, CaryThe Roman Renegade: Determining Morality through its Antithesis2007Talbert, Wooten, Naiden
Student NameTitleYear DefendedCommittee
Hopper, Thomas WarrenColonialism and the "Other" in Homer, George Sandys, and Samuel Taylor Coleridge2009James, Barbour, Moskal
Thomas, Tristram RennieThe Ideal Statesman: Cicero and His Strategic Alliance with Octavian to Restore the Republic2009Rives, Wooten, Riess