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Student NameTitleYear DefendedCommittee
Spelman, Henry LawlorA Commentary on Pindar's Nemean 102010William Race, Peter Smith, Owen Goslin
Student NameTitleYear DefendedCommittee
Fata, Ashleigh ElizabethWho's Laughing Now? Perception, Comedy, Suffering in Two Plays of Euripides2011Owen Goslin and William Race
Hege, Sam TylerAgathon's Unfulfilled Potential: A Study of Agathon's contribution to the Symposium and its critique of Athenian Education2011Boyle, James Lesher, Owen Goslin
Rich, Hannah LouiseVenerit si iste furor: Erotic Violence in the Poetry of Tibullus2011Sharon James, Keith, James O'Hara
Student NameTitleYear DefendedCommittee
Burges, SteveThe Creation of the Forum Romanum: Three-Dimensional Mapping and Rome's Flood-prone Valley2013Richard Talbert, Jeffrey Becker, Mary Boatwright
Hines, CaitlinPuella, Meretrix, Matrona? The Lexicon of Fertility and the Confusion of Women's Social Classes in Ovid's Love Poetry2013Sharon James, James O'Hara, Alison Keith
Mazzara, RachelSpeech Registers and Class Awareness in Terence's Meretrices2013Sharon James, Dorota Dutsch, David Konstan
Ross, HenryPlacuisse apibus mirabere morem: Understanding Inconsistency and Thematic Shifts in Vergil's Fourth Georgic2013James O'Hara, Sharon James, William Race
Rust, Rebekah KristinaThe Ethics of Nobility in Three Tragedies of Sophocles2013William Race, Owen Goslin, Peter M. Smith
Student NameTitleYear DefendedCommittee
Caprara, Phillip AlexanderWhat Makes a Man "Well-Born"? The Conceptions of εὐγένεια held by Ajax and Tecmessa in Sophocles’ Ajax2014Owen Goslin, William Race, Mariska Leunissen
Hagemann, Luke W.Venationes Caesarum: Hunts of the Caesars2014Richard Talbert, Jay Smith, Mary Sturgeon
Karsten, Alexander E.A Selection of Horace's Odes: Eighteen Translations with a Translator's Preface and Translator's Notes2014William Race, James O'Hara, Sharon James
Winchester, Marshall K.The Athenian Assembly, the Sicilian Expedition, and Alcibiades2014Fred Naiden, Owen Goslin, Richard Talbert
Student NameTitleYear DefendedCommittee
Cabaniss, AndrewMaterial Evidence for Urbanism in Archaic Crete2015Donald Haggis, Kenneth Sams, Carla Antonaccio
Sutton, Kathryn W.Gilgamesh, Enkidu, and The Great Lyre from Ur: A Literary and Iconographic Study2015Kenneth Sams, Donald Haggis, Jennifer Gates-Foster
Student NameTitleYear DefendedCommittee
Ditmore, Allison E.The Response of Subaltern Women to Threats in Roman Comedy2016Sharon James, Dorota Dutsch, Timothy Moore
Student NameTitleYear DefendedCommittee
Dupree, AbigailPhaedra: Empathy for a Disloyal Wife in Roman Painting and Poetry2017Hérica Valladares, Jennifer Gates-Foster, Sharon James
Student NameTitleYear DefendedCommittee
Wilson, Philip MurrayNihil ex his quae in usu habemus: The Meaning of Learning in the Satyricon of Patronius2018Sharon James, J.H. Lesher, Zlatko Plese
Student Name TitleYear DefendedCommittee
Bryant, Jermaine R.G.Armaque Fraternae Tristia Militia: The Seven Against Thebes, Civil War, and Grief in the Poems of Sextus Propertius2019Sharon L. James, Robert G. Babcock, Gregson Davis
Grey, JohnA New Style of Stasis: The Korkyrean Civil War as an Atypical Case of στάσις in Thucydides2019Emily Baragwanath, Janet Downie, Fred Naiden
Haggis, AlexΠάντα Ρεί: Stasis and Flow in Hellenistic Amatory Epigram2019Patricia Rosenmeyer, William Race, Sharon James
Lee, EstherEnvironmental Health Perspectives in the Ancient World2019Janet Downie, Al Duncan, Louise M. Ball