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Hilker summer award
Hilker (left) acting as a trench supervisor at the Azoria excavation on Crete

Sarah Hilker has received the Janice and Herbert Benario Award from the Classical Association of the Middle West and South.  She will use the award to participate in the Postgraduate Course in Linear B and Mycenaean Greek at the British School of Archaeology at Athens this summer 2017.  Sarah’s dissertation project is a study of Mycenaean houses, both domestic contexts and settlement structures, focusing on residential space as a form of cultural production from the 14th to 12th centuries B.C.  Her work models Mycenaean residential space across palatial and non-palatial territories; and across temporal or historical divisions (such as Late Helladic IIIB to IIIC) that have informed interpretations of settlement histories derived from Linear-B topography.

Tardio in Renieblas, Spain in 2015

Katie Tardio was awarded the Dienje Kenyon Memorial Fellowship which will provide support for her travel to Spain so that she may continue to participate in the excavation and study of faunal material at Renieblas, Spain which is directed by Alicia Jiménez Díez and Jesús Bermejo Tirado since 2015 (read more about the Duke Univeristy project here).  This excavation project seeks to better understand the origins of the Roman Empire and mechanisms of early colonization by studying the first Roman settlements outside of Italy, specifically military camps in Iberia (modern Spain) and the local settlements surrounding them.  The goal of this project is to define the character of the Roman military diet in Spain, and the impact of Roman colonization on local animal economies including animal husbandry, trade networks, and food preferences.

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