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The Department of Classics continues a long Carolina tradition of offering undergraduates and graduate students access to research by world-class faculty on many fascinating aspects of the ancient Greek, Roman, and broader Mediterranean worlds. We study, write about, and teach the language, literature, history, art, and archaeology of the Greek and Roman world and its relevance to today. Classics is inherently multidisciplinary, drawing on various forms of evidence and modes of interpretation in order to understand the past, and to explore how later periods, including our own, have found classical antiquity meaningful, or in some cases have misused the classical tradition in ways we must now study with an unsparing eye.

Current graduate research and teaching include Homeric epic; Aegean prehistory and protohistory; Archaic poetry and Greek drama; performance; Greek topography and mortuary archaeology; Greek and Roman historiography; women and gender studies; Hellenistic and Roman Near East and Egypt; Hellenistic and Roman art; religion, sacrifice, magic, and the underworld; Roman comedy and satire; Hellenistic, Republican and Augustan poetry; the Second Sophistic; paleography and Medieval Latin; and the reception of the classical world. Current archaeological fieldwork includes the French Mission to the Eastern Desert in Egypt and the Azoria Project on Crete.

Our five undergraduate majors are Greek, Latin, Combined Greek and Latin, Classical Civilization, and Classical Archaeology. We offer courses in Greek and Latin from the beginning to the advanced levels, and a broad range of courses in which all readings are in English, many of which are popular with both majors and non-majors. Many of our students study abroad; many combine a major in classics with a double-major in another field. Some of our graduates go on to successful graduate study in classics or classical archaeology or related fields such as anthropology, religious studies, and ancient history, while others pursue a variety of careers in fields such as law, medicine, media, business, science and technology, many after degrees in graduate or professional schools. We believe both that the study of the classical world continues to be valuable in and of itself, and also that training in classics provides skills and perspectives that are useful in any field.

Faculty Publications

Recent Faculty Contributions to Edited Volumes


Emily Baragwanath

The Anthologist’s Workshop

Posted 2 months ago

Emily Baragwanath will be talking about Xenophon and Politics in the anthology of Johannes Stobaeus of Macedonia at an international workshop (in the Department of Classics at the University of Cincinnati, May 2-4) examining the principles and techniques behind the … Read more

Two ancient statutes, one depicting a man, the other a woman, on an orange background.

Interdisciplinary project brings lesser-known Greek play to life

Posted 3 months ago

The Daily Tar Heel reports on The Greek Tragedy in the Community project, being spear-headed by Michael Vazques (Philosophy/Parr Center) and artistically directed by Kari Lindquist (PhD candidate in Music). A collaboration with Maynard Adams Fellow Kari Lindquist, Department of Music, … Read more

Crises of Democracy from Ancient Greece to Modern America

Posted 3 months ago

Carolina Public Humanities Seminar Emily Baragwanath will be joining Jonathan Weiler on March 2, 2024 at the Rizzo Center for a Carolina Public Humanities seminar and panel discussion about crises of democracy in Ancient Athens and Modern America.  Democracies are … Read more

George Houston

In Memoriam — George Woodard Houston

Posted 4 months ago

George Woodard Houston, of Chapel Hill, NC, died on January 25, 2024, at the age of 82. A kind, gentle, calm, wise, and fair man, George was a dedicated husband (married to his wife Jean for 62 years), a steady … Read more

In Memory of Sharon James

Posted 5 months ago

In Memory of Sharon James by T. H. M. Gellar-Goad (Ph.D. ’12), Christopher B. Polt (Ph.D. ’10), and Serena S. Witzke (Ph.D. ’14) Sharon L. James, Professor of Classics at UNC-Chapel Hill, passed away on Thursday, December 28, 2023. To … Read more

In Memoriam – Sharon Lynn James

Posted 5 months ago

Sharon Lynn James January 2, 1960 – December 28, 2023 In Memoriam The Department of Classics at UNC-Chapel Hill announces with the utmost sadness that our colleague Sharon James died Thursday, December 28. She passed away peacefully at home with her husband Corry … Read more

Clio and her Elder Sisters at Christ Church, Oxford

Posted 8 months ago

Emily Baragwanath gave a paper entitled ‘Clio’s challenge to Melpomene: Female Agency and Family (Dys)function in Herodotus’ at Clio and her Elder Sisters, a symposium in honour of Richard Rutherford, organized by Anna Clark and Bruno Currie. The colloquium took … Read more

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