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Elissa Phillips
Administrative Assistant
E-mail: elissa98ATuncDOTedu

In addition to the duties of a receptionist, the Secretary and Registrar

  • Maintains the departmental website;
  • Edits Tabulae, the annual department newsletter;
  • Reserves classrooms for departmental functions and after-hours use;
  • Processes and submits travel authorizations, reimbursements and insurance requests;
  • Submits building maintenance requests;
  • Serves as the departmental Parking Coordinator;
  • Coordinates the course timetable and classroom requests;
  • Prepares and distributes the course schedule;
  • Deals with student registration issues;
  • Assists with the ordering of textbooks and orders desks copies.

Kim S. Miles
Student Services Manager
E-mail: kmilesATemailDOTuncDOTedu

The Student Services Manager handles most matters relating to students and the undergraduate and graduate programs.

In the graduate admissions process,

  • Maintains applicant files;
  • Provides notifications;
  • Coordinates department visits;
  • Plans, organizes, and oversees new student orientation.

For graduate students,

  • Maintains student files;
  • Prepares personnel actions;
  • Provides students with notifications and information;
  • Helps schedule exams and defenses;
  • Assists the Chair with teaching appointments.

For undergraduate students,

  • Coordinates departmental prizes and awards;
  • Organizes the departmental commencement ceremony.


  • Handles reimbursements and payments to vendors;
  • Holds the Department purchasing card.

L.E. Alexander
Business Officer
E-mail: genezATemailDOTuncDOTedu

The Department Manager supervises most non-academic aspects of the department, especially all HR and finance matters.

  • Manages the budgets for all departmental accounts and faculty research funds (state, trust, grant, overhead, and summer school);
  • Approves payments for invoices, independent contractors, reimbursements for faculty and graduate student purchases and travel.

In the area of HR,

  • Hires, supervises and evaluates staff employees, work-study students and library staff;
  • Coordinates, assists and submits documentation for faculty searches and fixed term hires;
  • Assists in preparation of visa documents.


  • Distributes building keys;
  • Coordinates the computer deployment;
  • Coordinates arrangements for conferences and visiting faculty.