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The graduate students of the Department of Classics at UNC-Chapel Hill and Duke University jointly organize a graduate colloquium each year. Flyers from past colloquiums are listed below. For information, contact the organizing committee at dukeuncclassicscolloquiumATgmailDOTcom.

2020Graduate Symposium
2019Graduate Symposium
2018Public and Profane: Ugliness, Indecency, and Scandal in the Ancient World
2017The 'Populus of the Future': Children in the Forum?
2016Controversiae Docendae: Teaching Sensitive Topics from the Classical World
2015Inside/Outside: Approaches to the Foreigner in Ancient Greece and Rome
2014Workshop in Classics Pedagogy
2013Community/Disunity: Living Together and Living Apart in the Ancient World
2012 New Graduate Research in the Classics
2011Refuse and Reuse: The Challenges of Repurposing and Re-Imaging in the Classical World
2010New Graduate Research in the Classics
2009 Dialogues of the Vulnerable: Children and the Elderly in the Ancient World
2008Acts and Ethics of War and Violence in the Graeco-Roman World
2007Possessing Knowledge: Archiving, Collecting, and Displaying in the Ancient World
2006 Lies, Deception, and Misdirection: Manipulating Image and Text in the Ancient World
2005House, Home, and Household
2004Fashion, Trend, and Novelty
2003Raising the Dead: Re-examining Ancient Ideas about Death in the Ancient World (Keynote speaker: John Bodel)
2002Imago Mundi: Travel and Foreigners in Classical Antiquity (Keynote speaker: Carol Dougherty)
2001Gods and Monsters: Divinization and Demonization in the Ancient World (Keynote speaker: Sarah Iles Johnson)
2000The Animal in Antiquity
1999Pimps, Peasants, and Potentates: Low-Lifes and Leaders in the Ancient World
1998Finem Egressi Legemque Priorum: Oddities and Vulgarities in the Ancient World
1997SKENE PAS O BIOS: Theatre in the Ancient World
1996 Imitatio et Aemulatio
1995The Body in the Ancient World
1994Ut et in Occasu Suo Splendorem et Ornamenta Praeteritae Vitae Retineant: Ancient Ceremony and Spectacle