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The Department of Classics offers graduate programs leading to the MA in Greek, Latin, and Classical Archaeology and to the PhD in Classics, Classics with Historical Emphasis, Classical and Medieval Latin, and Classical Archaeology. There is no terminal MA program; the department only admits students who plan to complete the PhD, although all students must complete the MA before being advanced to the PhD program.

Suggested Prerequisites

To take full advantage of the department’s program, an applicant ideally should have strong preparation in Latin and Greek, in ancient history and archaeology, and in appropriate modern languages. Although many applicants have not had the opportunity to prepare in all areas, entering students usually have an undergraduate major in Greek, Latin, or archaeology, with supporting courses in other areas such as philosophy, literature, linguistics, art, anthropology, or religion.

Application Process

  1. Application system (online)
  2. Application deadline (on Graduate Office website)
  3. Three (3) letters of recommendation
  4. One (1) unofficial transcript from each university attended
  5. Graduate record examination scores
  6. Personal statement section
  7. Supplemental information

Types of Funding for Graduate Students:

There are two main categories of funding packages: fellowships and assistantships. The regular funding package is departmental Teaching Assistantship, but there are also possibilities for various types of enhanced support. Every year the department may nominate a limited number of applicants for competitive fellowships offered by the Graduate School: Royster Fellowships and Merit Assistantships. The Department’s own Reckford Fellowship, which normally becomes available every five years, provides the same benefits as the Royster Fellowship. All these fellowships and assistantships are open to all applicants, and no separate application is needed; all applicants are automatically considered.

Reading Lists

The graduate examinations for the MA in Greek and Latin and for the PhD in Classics, Classics with Historical Emphasis, and Classical and Medieval Latin are based to a large extent on the reading lists for that degree program.

Study Abroad:

The Department and the University have long been affiliated with The American School of Classical Studies at Athens, the American Academy in Rome, the American Research Institute in Turkey, and The Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome.

Graduate Research

Bound copies of most of the following may be found and read in the Common Room, Murphey 217. Many of the earlier items (pre-1927) are available only in the North Carolina Collection in Wilson Library.