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  • All incoming students who have a background in Latin and would like to continue their study of Latin at Carolina, especially those who have not taken the Latin AP, SAT II, or IB (International Baccalaureate) exams, should take the online Latin Language Placement Test.
  • There is no regular placement test in classical Greek.  Students with previous study of Greek should consult the Director of the Elementary Greek Program for guidance on their placement.

Study Abroad:

A range of competitive awards and fellowships are available to help fund participation in study abroad programs, field projects, or other travel for research; see the section on prizes and awards here.

Undergrad Research:

A range of university awards and fellowships exist that allow students to design and pursue research projects of their own; see further here. Students are encouraged to discuss their ideas with faculty members as they start to develop their plans.

Eta Sigma Phi:

An honorary collegiate for students of Latin and / or Greek. This student-led group helps with tutoring in Latin and Greek.
The UNC chapter was established in 1966.