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Theses and Dissertations

Bound copies of most of the following may be found and read in the Common Room, Murphey 217. Many of the earlier items (pre-1927) are available only in the North Carolina Collection in Wilson Library, and, it should be noted, that it is not always clear if such theses are MA theses or Graduating (i.e. undergraduate) theses. In compiling this list, we have included the theses and dissertations that are listed in James L. Godfrey, Fletcher M. Green, and W.W. Pierson’s The Graduate School Dissertations and Theses (Chapel Hill 1947), unless it is clear from the archival copy that the thesis is a Graduating thesis. Godfrey, Green, and Pierson also include the names of a number of students even though the title of the thesis has now been lost. Those students include one PhD, W.J. Battle (1890), and several MA theses: H.H. Williams (1883), W.J. Battle (1889), St. Clair Hester (1890), J.E. Forgartie (1891), W.E. Darden (1896), D.J. Currie (1897), C.B. Denson Jr. (1900), and Elizabeth Breazeale (1917). Student names and known titles are given in the following table.