Graduate Research, 1894 to present

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Theses and Dissertations

Bound copies of most of the following may be found and read in the Common Room, Murphey 217. Many of the earlier items (pre-1927) are available only in the North Carolina Collection in Wilson Library, and, it should be noted, that it is not always clear if such theses are MA theses or Graduating (i.e. undergraduate) theses. In compiling this list, we have included the theses and dissertations that are listed in James L. Godfrey, Fletcher M. Green, and W.W. Pierson’s The Graduate School Dissertations and Theses (Chapel Hill 1947), unless it is clear from the archival copy that the thesis is a Graduating thesis. Godfrey, Green, and Pierson also include the names of a number of students even though the title of the thesis has now been lost. Those students include one PhD, W.J. Battle (1890), and several MA theses: H.H. Williams (1883), W.J. Battle (1889), St. Clair Hester (1890), J.E. Forgartie (1891), W.E. Darden (1896), D.J. Currie (1897), C.B. Denson Jr. (1900), and Elizabeth Breazeale (1917). Student names and known titles are given in the following table.



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Student Name Title (M.A. or dissertation) Year Defended Committee
Pugh, James T. A Comparative Study of the Infinitive in the Satires of Horace and Persius (MA) 1894
Horne, Herman H. Religion and Life (MA) 1895
Wilson, Thomas J., Jr. Grammar of the Scipio Epitaphs (MA) 1896
Wilson, Thomas J., Jr. The Genitive of Quality and the Ablative of Quality in Latin (diss.) 1898
Kendrick, Mary P. The Memesis Idea in Aeschylus: A Study in its Development from the Earliest Poetry of the Greeks (MA) 1899
Parker, David P. Homer: His Real Work (MA) 1901
Bernard, William S. Skopas: The Artist and Man (MA) 1904 Alexander
Jones, Alice E. The Individualism of the Terentian Types of the “Currens Servus” (MA) 1904
Whitehead, Albert C. The Character of Tiberius as Found in Tacitus (MA) 1905
Blythe, Fred Lee Horace as a Critic of Public Morals (MA) 1910
Henry, George K.G. The Characters of Terence (Diss; also published in SPh 12.2 [1915] 57-98) 1914
Perry, Margaret G. >The Development of the Atellan Farce (MA) 1920 Howe
Ward, Linnie M. The Episode of Euryalus and Nisus in the Ninth Aeneid (MA) 1920 Howe
Meanes, Kate deRosset Literary Patronage in the Silver Age of Latin Literature (diss.) 1926
Austin, Lucy Estelle Eumenii: Pro instaurandis scholis oratio (MA) 1926
Huff, John W. Mamertini Panegyricus Genethliacus Maximiano Augusto dictus (MA) 1926
Meanes, Kate deRosset The Gods of Italy in Virgil’s Poetry (MA) 1926
Griffin, Mack Hall The Roman Governors of Cappadocia from Vespasian to Diocletian (MA) 1926
Brown, Otis M. The Roman Religion and Cicero 1926 Wallace Caldwell (Dept. of History)
Woodward, Clement M. A List of Latin words Containing Open E and Open O in Accented Open Syllables (MA) 1926 H.D. Learned (Dept. of Romance Languages)
Honeycutt, Murray A. Panegyricus Mamertini Maximiano Augusto: A Translation with Introduction and Notes (MA) 1927 Harrer
Wertz, Sibyl Marguerite The Juno of the Aeneid (MA) 1927
Gwynn, John Minor The Personal Relations of Cicero and Caesar (50-49 BC) (MA) 1927
Underhill, Florence Edgerton Horace and the Early Latin Poets (MA) 1928
Gentry, Eva Ovid’s correspondence with his wife (MA) 1928
Cheek, Philip Macon Principles of Arrangement of Material in Tacitus’ Major Historical Works (MA) 1928 Harrer
Griffin, Mack H. The Administration of the Roman Province of Cappadocia (MA) 1929 G.A. Harrer
Willard, E.P. Seneca as a Source for Information on the Early Caesars (diss.) 1929
Nims, Horace Legati Caesaris in Gallia (MA) 1929 Harrer
Elliott, Van Courtlandt A Military Diploma of 78 AD (MA) 1929 Harrer
Dean, Virginia Augustus in Contemporary Poetry (MA) 1929 Harrer
Lawrence, Mary Silema Certain Questions of Composition in Ovid’s Heroides (MA) 1929
Fleming, Ruth Gaius Trebatius Testa (MA) 1929 Harrer
Barden, Iva Leland Life and Literary Works of Marcus Caelius Rufus (MA) 1929
Bush, Sarah Janie Marcus Aemilius Lepidus (MA) 1929
Kennedy, Elizabeth Cunningham The Reading of Pliny the Younger in the Literature of the Golden Age (MA) 1929 Howe
Jenkins, Edgar Bryan The Role of Ascanius in the Aeneid (MA) 1929
Way, Evelyn Lee Inscriptional and Literary Evidence on the Subjects of Statius’ Silvae (MA) 1930 Harrer
Underwood, Henrietta Inscriptional and Palaeographical Evidence on the Addressees of Pliny’s Letters (MA) 1930 Harrer
Powell, Mabel Allen The Followers of Aeneas (MA) 1930
Moss, Beverly Turpin The Structure of the Tenth Aeneid (MA) 1930 Harrer
Nims, Frederick Boyden Virgil’s Use of Objects of Art in the Aeneid (MA) 1930
Cheek, Philip Macon Virgil’s Treatment of the Templum in the Aeneid (diss.) 1931 Howe
Bell, Martha Sketches of Individuals in the Annals and Histories of Tacitus (MA) 1931 Harrer
Rigley, Robert Leo The Augustan Elegists in Carmina Latina epigraphica (MA) 1931 Howe
Austin, Lucy Estelle A Study of the Characters in Cicero’s Dialogues, Emphasizing the Principles of Character Selection (diss.) 1932
Smith, Minnie Jameson Fear of Eastern Influences in Roman Life as Expressed in Latin Literature of the Republic (diss.) 1932 Howe
Elliott, Van Courtlandt Roman Senators in the Time of Hadrian and Antoninus Pius (diss.) 1932 Harrer
Haynes, Laurine The Collation of a Manuscript of Cicero’s De officiis in the Library of The University of North Carolina (diss.) 1932 Harrer
Suskin, Albert Irving De mirabilibus urbis Romae: A Translation, with Notes, Introduction and Word Study (MA) 1932 Harrer
Smith, Eugene Rogers Index verborum Coniurationis Catilinae C. Sallusti Crispi (MA) 1932 Harrer
Martin, Virginia Cofer Certain Features of Catullus’ Style in the First Sixty Poems (MA) 1932 Howe
Hogan, William Johnston Cicero’s Use of Historical Characters in the Orations (MA) 1932 Harrer
Hixson, Ivy May Ovid’s Treatment of Medea (MA) 1932 Howe
Ford, Laurie Edwina The Women of the Aeneid (MA) 1932 Howe
Stansell, Frances The Character Anna in Virgil and Ovid (MA) 1933 Howe
Phillips, Lessie Brown Character Sketches in the Catilina and Jugurtha (MA) 1934 Harrer
White, Elizabeth Seneca and Suetonius on the Lives of Caligula and Claudius (MA) 1934 Harrer
Williams, Mary Catharine Transitional Devices in Suetonius’ De vita Caesarum (MA) 1934 Harrer
Diggs, Mary Roman Literary Men in the Noctes Atticae of Aulus Gellius (diss.) 1936 Harrer
Suskin, Albert Irving The Arrangement of Material in Livy, books 31-45 (diss.) 1936 Harrer
Davis, Benson Willis A Study of the Personal and Political Relationships of Cicero and Pompey, 52-48 BC (MA) 1936 Harrer
Godwin, Jewel Elizabeth The Cultural Interests of Pliny the Younger (MA) 1936 Harrer, Howe
Bernard, Mildred Thomas The Identification of the Persons Addressed in Books VI-IX of Pliny’s Letters (MA) 1936 Harrer
Simkins, Thomas Moorman Gratiarum actio Iuliano imperatori: a Translation, with Introduction and Notes (MA) 1937 Harrer
Simkins, Virginia Beckett Panegyricus Theodosio Augusto, by Latinius Pacatus Drepanius: A Translation with Introduction and Notes (MA) 1937 Harrer
Davis, Benson Willis The Administration of the Roman Provinces of Crete and Cyrenaica (diss.) 1938 Harrer
Baynes, Eloise The Commentary of Asconius Pedianus on Cicero’s Pro Milone (MA) 1938 Harrer
Bland, Laura E. The Commentary of Asconius Pedianus on Cicero’s In Pisonem (MA) 1939 Harrer
Way, Evelyn Lee Seneca as a source for Tacitus, Suetonius, and Dio (diss.) 1940 Harrer
Oliver, John Burrell New Inscriptions of the Period of Claudius and Nero (MA) 1941 Harrer
Weatherup, Marjorie Scholia Bobiensia on Cicero’s Pro Plancio (MA) 1941 Harrer
Bland, Laura E. Aulularia sive querolus: Translation with Introduction and Notes (diss.) Harrer
Gillam, Mary Virginia The Commentary of Asconius Pedianus on Cicero’s In toga candida (MA) 1942
Tanner, Myrtle Swicegood The Commentary of Asconius Pedianus on Cicero’s Pro Cornelio (MA) 1942 Harrer
Moss, Beverly Turpin Liber de Caesaribus: A Translation, with Introduction and Notes (diss.) 1943 Harrer
Nims, Frederick Boyden Cicero’s Law-court Cases (diss.) 1945 Caldwell
Green, Corinne Washington Word Studies in the Consolatio attributed to Cicero: Together with an index verborum (diss.) 1947 Ullman
Henderson, Charles The Commentary of Quintus Asconius Pedianus on Cicero’s Pro Scauro (MA) 1947
Sutherland, Priscilla Warren Quintilian in the Medieval florilegia (diss.) 1950 Ullman
Bliss, Francis Royster Valerius Maximus and His Sources: A Stylistic Approach to the Problem (diss.) 1951 Ullman
Fleming, Ann Blocker The Lyric Exchange in Aeschylus (MA) 1951 Allen, Epps
McCathern, Marcia The Organization of Material in the Miracula of Bishop Gregory of Tours (MA) 1951 Ullman
Hayes, Kiffin Rockwell A Study of the clausula in Cicero’s Philosophical Works (diss.) 1952 Ullman
Harper, Hubert Hill Suetonius in Certain Mediaeval florilegia (diss.) 1952 Ullman
Hixson, Ivy May The Nature and Extent of the Lost Prose Works of the Roman Republic (diss.) 1952 Ullman
Traub, Henry Willis Character Evaluation in Tacitus (MA) 1952 Allen
Zarker, John William Martial: Choice and Treatment of Epigrammatic Subjects (MA) 1952 Allen
Best, Edward Exum Men of Business in Cicero’s Letters (MA) 1952 Allen
Selby, Talbot R. The Relation of the Aeneid to the Augustan Age (MA) 1952 Allen
Newton, Francis Lanneau Studies in Verbal Repetition in Virgil (diss.) 1953 Ullman
Pascal, Paul The Earlier Version of Sicco Polenton’s Scriptorum illustrium Latinae linguae libri: Introduction and Text (diss.) 1953 Ullman
Motto, Anna Lydia The Extent and Range of teh Ideas in Seneca’s Philosophy (diss.) 1953 Ullman
Wolverton, Robert Earl Laudatores temporis acti: Knowledge of the Roman Republic as Found in the Silver Age Authors of the First Century AD (diss.) 1954 Allen
Traub, Henry Willis Death and Fame in Silver Latin Literature (diss.) 1954 Allen
Moore, Helen Lanneau The Greek Words in Plautus and Terence (diss.) 1954 Ullman
Deagon, Ann Fleming The Influence of Hellenistic and Contemporary Greek Historical Theory on Tacitus (diss.) 1954 Allen
Ballard, Margie L. A Comparison of Caesar’s Commentaries on the Gallic and Civil War (MA) 1954 Suskin
Gilleland, Brady B. The Reworking and Development of Material in Cicero’s Rhetorica (MA) 1954 Ullman
Reece, Benny Ramon Virgil’s Use in the Georgics of the De re rustica of Varro (MA) 1954 Suskin
Henderson, Charles A Lexicon of the Stylistic Terms Used in Roman Literary Criticism (diss.) 1955 Ullman
Sonkowsky, Robert Paul An Edition of Gasparino Barzizza’s De Compositione (diss.) 1955 Ullman
Selby, Talbot R. An Edition of Filippo Villani’s De viris illustribus florentinis: Introduction and Text (diss.) 1956 Ullman
Kline, Vivian Diana An Examination of Serpent Passages in the Aeneid (MA) 1956 Suskin
Reece, Benny Ramon An Edition of the Sermones of Ratherius of Liege (diss.) 1957 Ullman
Best, Edward Exum Classical Latin Prose Writers Quoted by Giraldus Cambrensis (diss.) 1957
Jones, Julian Ward Figures of Diction in Sallust (MA) 1957 Allen
Frazer, Richard McIlwaine Parentheses and Explanatory Clauses in Sallust (MA) 1957 Allen
Berry, Marvin Bryan Sallust as a Philosophical Historian (MA) 1957 Allen
White, Ronald Erwin Some Techniques of Development in Propertius and Their Bearing on Poem Division (diss.) 1958 Ullman
Jones, Elizabeth Hunter A Fifteenth Century Manuscript of Porphyrio’s Commentary on Horace (diss.) 1959 Ullman
Frazer, Richard McIlwaine Agricola Manuscripts of Pliny’s Letters (diss.) 1959 Ullman
Jones, Julian Ward An Analysis of Allegorical Interpretations in the Serivan Commentary on the Aeneid (diss.) 1959 Ullman
Gross, Charles J. The Verona Floralegium of 1329 (diss.) 1959 Ullman
Beaty, Mary Davis Foreshadowing and Suspense in the Punica of Silius Italicus (diss.) 1960 Getty
Everard, Patricia Lynn Mythological References in Catullus (MA) 1960 Suskin
Lloyd, Charles Edward The Classical Allusions in the First Three Acts of The Merchant of Venice (MA) 1960
Harris, Robert R. Allegory in the Cathemerinon of Prudentius (diss.) 1961 Getty
Jensen, Richard Carl Dawn and Dusk in the Epics of Vergil and Lucan (diss.) 1961 Getty
Dempsey, Kathleen Ann A Literary Estimate of Marcus Porcius Cato Uticensis (MA) 1961 Suskin
Garrido, Lenin Eduardo Death in the Poetry of Catullus (MA) 1961 Getty
Harelson, Katharine Metaphor in Books One and Three of Lucretius’ De rerum naturae (MA) 1961 Henderson
Holliday, Vivian L. Pompey in Cicero’s Letters and Lucan’s Bellum Civile (MA) 1961 Suskin
Barnett, Robert John Burgerbibliothek Bern, Manuscript A.61: An Anonymous Medieval Commentary on Juvenal (diss.) 1962 Getty
Settle, James N. The Publication of Cicero’s Orations (diss.) 1962 Allen
Robbins, Mary Ann Staples Alliteration in Tibullus (MA) 1962 Henderson
Cline, Pervy A. The Apocryphal Correspondence of Paul and Seneca: The Development of the Tradition (MA) 1962 Martin
Baucom, Kenneth Latta Four consolationes of Statius (MA) 1963 Reckford
Brown, Virginia Poetic and Philosophic Similarities Between Empedocles and Lucretius (MA) 1963 Suskin
Perrine, William Calvert Studies in the Identity of the child of Vergil’s Fourth Eclogue (MA) 1963 Suskin
Garrison, Daniel Hodges The Old Man in Six Comedies of Aristophanes (MA) 1963 Reckford
Boggins, Kevin Edward The Second Charge against Socrates (MA) 1963 Reckford
Ziolkowski, John Edmund Thucydides and the Tradition of Funeral Speeches at Athens (MA) 1963 Immerwahr
Kurth, William Charles A Commentary on Book XIII of the Noctes Atticae of Aulus Gellius (diss.) 1964 Getty
Pritchard, Janice Carol Caesar and the Germans (MA) 1964 Martin
Cunningham, William Enloe The Role of Arcadia in Vergil (MA) 1964 Brown
Palanca, Louis The Use of astrum in Classical Latin Poetry (MA) 1964 Martin
Wade, Donald W. Liber de Viris Illustribus Urbis Romae: A Translation, with Introduction and Notes 1964 Brown
Boggess, William Franklin B. Averrois Commentarium Medium in Aristotelis Poetriam (diss.) 1965 Suskin
West, William C. Greek Public Monuments of the Persian Wars (diss.) 1965 Immerwahr
Davis, C. Grier The Voyage, the Chariot Race, and the Hunt: Three Motifs in Vergil’s Aeneid (diss.) 1965 Reckford
Cacace, Rosann Friendship in the Poetry of Catullus (MA) 1965 Reckford
Wilson, James William Marriage and Related Customs in Herodotus (MA) 1965 Reckford
Defler, Joan H. The Gift Motif in Virgil’s Aeneid (MA) 1965 Reckford
Williamson, Ruth Willis Cato Maior: facta et ficta (MA) 1966 Martin
Rankin, Kathleen Blanche Cree Cornelius Nepos’ Life of Themistocles: An Analysis of the Sources 1966 Martin
Curtis, Thomas Benjamin Horses and Their Riders in Two Plays by Aristophanes (MA) 1966 Kennedy
Hatch, Diane Fowler Problems of Translating and Interpreting Horace, Odes 3.1 (MA) 1966 Reckford
Clinard, Johnson Burns A Study of the Historical Epic at Rome from the Early Republic to the Neronian Period (diss.) 1967 Marti
Binnicker, Charles Mathews Didactic Qualities of Ovid’s Ars amatoria (diss.) 1967 Brown
Maulsby, Donna Owen A Study of Morgan Latin 404: The Epodes of Horace (Folios 42-50v) (MA) 1967 Martin
Meredith, Donna King An Analysis of Terence’s Adelphoe (MA) 1967 Martin
Cioppa, Frank Salvatore Demosthenes’ Characterization of Philip in the Macedonian Orations (MA) 1967 Martin
Hall, Ralph Gordon Livy’s Use of Paired Speeches (MA) 1967 Kennedy
Smith, Joan Tidwell The Concept of pietas: The Relationship Between Book II and the Other Books of the Aeneid (MA) 1967 Martin
de Grummond, W.W. Saeuus: Its Literary Tradition and its use in Virgil’s Aeneid (diss.) 1968 Reckford
White, Joseph Senter A Commentary on Lucii Annaei Senecae Naturalium quaestionum, liber 1, praefatio-I (diss.) 1968 Brown
Crisafulli, Virgil Santi Aspect and Tense Distribution in Homeric Greek (diss.) 1968 Lane
Allison, Edmund Pendleton Geographic and Ethnic Formulas in Homer and teh Catalogue of Ships (diss.) 1968 Immerwahr
de Grummond, Nancy Thomson Rubens and Antique Coins and Gems (diss.) 1968 Huemer, Richardson, E.
Moore, Susan A. An Interpretation of Seneca’s Epistulae morales ad Lucilium (MA) 1968 Kennedy
Ridlon, Joline Frances Direct Addresses to Individual Persons in Cicero’s Orations Down to the First Triumvirate (MA) 1968 Allen
Blakey, John Mawson Dog Imagery in Aeschylus’ Oresteia (MA) 1968 Brown
Gold, Barbara Kirk Horace’s Ode to Vergilius (MA) 1968 Reckford
Callender, John Francis Mistakes in Declamation: A Study of Dionysius of Halicarnassus’ Ars rhetorica X (MA) 1968 Kennedy
Ogilvy, Margaret Virginia The Dexileos Monument (MA) 1968 Fuchs, W.
Wooten, Cecil W. The Use of prin with the Finite Moods in Fifth and Fourth Century Attic Prose: A Study in the Conditional Nature of the prin Clause (MA) 1968 Kennedy
Loyd, James Oscar Books in Suetonius’ De vita Caesarum (diss.) 1969 Allen
King, William Joseph Comparison and Contrast in the Short Poems of Catullus (diss.) 1969 Reckford
Sheerin, Daniel Joseph John of Salisbury’s Entheticus de dogmate philosophorum: Critical Text and Introduction (diss.) 1969 Marti
King, Cynthia Ann Kent Military Equipment in Homer and on Attic Geometric Vases (diss.) 1969 Immerwahr
Packard, Jane Phillips Official Notices in Livy’s Fourth Decade: Style and Treatment (diss.) 1969 Broughton
Catlin, John Stanley The Concept of Deception and Related Motifs, in the Histories of Herodotus (diss.) 1969 Immerwahr
Sussman, Lewis Arthur The Elder Seneca as a Critic of Rhetoric (diss.) 1969 Kennedy
Desrosiers, Richard Victor The Reputation and Political Influence of Lucius Cornelius Sulla in the Roman Republic (diss.) 1969 Marti, Broughton
Snyder, Jane McIntosh Word-play in Lucretius’ De rerum natura (diss.) 1969 Reckford
Siebold, Jolie Therese Alcyone and Ceyx in Greek and Latin Literature (MA) 1969 Brown
Briggs, Ward Wright Aspects of Horace, Odes 3.19 (MA) 1969 Kennedy
Curtin, Brendan J. Deception in Vergil’s Aeneid (MA) 1969 Kennedy
Goldsberry, Mary Alice Smythe Local Government in Roman Sicily (MA) 1969 Broughton
Harmon, Shirley Bradway Popular Views of the Sophists in Fifth Century Athens (MA) 1969 Reckford
Pendleton, Juliana Satirical Elements in Three Odes of Horace: 2.18, 2.15 and 3.24 (MA) 1969 Reckford
Simms, Lawrence Joseph Tacitus on Seneca: An Interpretation (MA) 1969 Marti
Stephenson, Susan Jane The Language of Sallust’s Moral Judgments in the Catiline and the Jugurtha (MA) 1969 Allen
Soles, Jeffrey S. The Literary Tradition of the Heroic Palaces from Homer to Virgil (MA) 1969 Kennedy
Fincher, Hugh McCommon The Pot Image in Persius’ third satire (MA) 1969 Reckford
Wright, Judith Anne The Settings of Cicero’s Dialogues (MA) 1969 Allen
Phillips, Carolyn Henderson The Treveri in Caesar’s Bellum Gallicum (MA) 1969 Martin
Wade, Donald W. The Roman Auxiliary Units and Camps in Dacia 1969 Broughton
Taylor, Herman Ward An Introduction and Commentary to Book 3 of Quintilian’s Institutio oratoria (diss.) 1970 Kennedy
Curtis, Thomas Benjamin The Judicial Oratory of Hyperides (diss.) 1970 Kennedy
Jones, Virginia Neblett A Study of the Book-endings of Virgil’s Aeneid (MA) 1970 Bradley
Carlson, Susan A Study of the Method of Adapting and Borrowing from Ancient History in the Faits des romains, part I (MA) 1970 Marti, Kennedy, Montgomery
Blakey, Karla Kelley Building Imagery in the Plays of Plautus (MA) 1970 Marti, Packard, Broughton
Zener, Ann Adams Plato’s Phaedrus: Manifestations of an Heroic Journey (MA) 1970 Immerwahr, Kennedy, Stadter
French, Anne Tesch The Cantica of Plautus (MA) 1970 Stadter
Ward, Sarah Margaret The Composition of the Banquet Scene in Etruscan Tombs: The Tomba delle leonesse, the Tomba bartoccini, the Tomba del triclinio, the Tomba della scrofa nera, the Tomba della nave, and the Tomba degli scudi (MA) 1970 Richardson, E. H.
Claudy, Nicholas Hanford The Homeric Use of the Dual in the Embassy Scenes of the Iliad (MA) 1970 Immerwahr, Kennedy, Stadter
Mace, Hugh Lockwood The Neolithic and Bronze Age megaron: A Catalogue (MA) 1970 Koeppel
Houston, George W. Roman Imperial Administrative Personnel During the Principates of Vespasian and Titus (AD 69-81) (diss.) 1971 Broughton
McDonald, Ian Ritchie The Flavian Poets as Political and Social Critics (diss.) 1971 Kennedy
Gross, Nicholas Putnam The Rhetoric of Love: Studies in Ancient Amatory Persuasion (diss.) 1971 Kennedy
O’Mara, Mechtilde Teresa The Structure of the De oratore: A Study in Ciceronian Amplification (diss.) 1971 Kennedy
Battis, Florence Daly Olbos and Related Ideas from Solon to Herodotus (MA) 1971 Young, Reckford, Kennedy
Payne, Martha Joanna Triumphus: A Comparison of Triumphal Representations in Literature and Art (MA) 1971 Koeppel, Packard
Hawkins, Hubert Wilson Delivery in the Theory and Practice of Roman Oratory (MA) 1971 Kennedy, West, Reckford
Delph, Virginia D. How to End an Epic: A Study of the Traditional Patterns in the Endings of Latin Epics (MA) 1971 Kennedy
Zerner, Carol Cleveland Winder The Ivories from the Early Archaic Artemision at Ephesus (MA) 1971 Immerwahr, S.A.
Kelley, Cynthia Ann The Thematic Unity of Xenophon’s Hellenica (MA) 1971 Stadter, Sider, Kennedy
Wooten, Cecil W. A Rhetorical and Historical Study of Hellenistic Oratory (diss.) 1972 Kennedy, Immerwahr, Stadter
Hinckley, Lois Vivian Ajax and Achilles: Their Literary Relationship from Homer to Sophocles (diss.) 1972 Reckford, Immerwahr, Kennedy
Blakey, John Mawson Canine Imagery in Greek Poetry (diss.) 1972 Brown, Reckford, Immerwahr
Clarke, William Mitchell Intentional Alliteration and Rhyme in Virgil and Ovid (diss.) 1972 Marti, Otis, Brown
Barrett, John Francis Monumental Evidence for the History of the Alcmeonids (diss.) 1972 Immerwahr, West, Young
Evans, Harry Birbeck Ovid’s Publica Carmina: A Study of the Tristia and Epistulae ex Ponto as Poetic Books (diss.) 1972 Otis, Reckford, Kennedy
Sullivan, Denis Francis Patterns of Causation in Thucydides’ Narrative of the Archidamian War (diss.) 1972 Immerwahr, McCoy, Reckford
Gesell, Geraldine C. The Archaeological Evidence for the Minoan House Cult and its Survival in Iron Age Crete (diss.) 1972 Immerwahr, S., Koeppel, Sams
Thompson, David Lowell The Classes and Hands of Painted Funerary Portraits from Antinoopolis (diss.) 1972 Richardson, E.H., Sams, Koeppel
Rankin, Kathleen Blanche Cree The Physician in Ancient Comedy (diss.) 1972 Reckford, Stadter, Young
Bowman, Phyllis Snyder The Treatment of the Stoic Paradoxes by Cicero, Horace, and Persius (diss.) 1972 Reckford, Kennedy, Brown
Zimmer, Johanna M. Aegean and Near Eastern Palace Plans: The Problem of Architectural Interrelation in the Bronze Age (MA) 1972 Kennedy, Sams, Immerwahr, S.A.
Siepp, Warren Sitt Ephorus: Historian of Technical and Social Progress (MA) 1972 Stadter, Immerwahr, McCoy
Goldsberry, Mary Alice Smythe Sicily and its Cities in Hellenistic and Roman Times (diss.) 1973 Broughton, Boren, West
Miller, Anne Pauline Studies in Early Sicilian Epigraphy: An Opisthographic Lead Tablet (diss.) 1973 Immerwahr, Young, Gates
Fleming, Thomas James The Colometry of Aeschylus (diss.) 1973 Young, Stadter, Immerwahr
Giannini, Marion Amanda The manuscripts of Giovanni Aurispa (1376-1459) (diss.) 1973 Stadter, Marti, Immerwahr
Culley, Gerald Ray The Restoration of Sacred Monuments in Augustan Athens (IG 2/32 1035) (diss.) 1973 Immerwahr, West, McCoy
Rutledge, Eleanor S. The Style and Composition of Ovid’s Fasti (diss.) 1973 Otis, Marti, Reckford
Stone, Laura M. Euripides’ Treatment of the Pelopid Saga (MA) 1973 Reckford, Stadter, Brown
Green, Edwin L. Particles in the Speeches of the Iliad (MA) 1973 Gates, Sider, Reckford
Crawford, Louisa Neilson Position and Influence of Roman Women of the Senatorial Class from Tiberius through Domitian (MA) 1973 Houston, Boren, Marti
Constantinople, George Robert The Cave Sanctuaries on the Northwest Slope of the Acropolis (MA) 1973 Immerwahr, Koeppel, Sams
Schimizzi, Anthony J. The Corinthian Tyrants in Greek Historical Tradition (MA) 1973 West, Houston, McCoy
Boyce, James L. Ixion: Origins and Meanings of a Myth (diss.) 1974 Brown, Sider, Immerwahr
Kopff, E. Christian A Collation and Description of the Manuscripts of Sophocles’ Antigone (diss.) 1974 Stadter, Immerwahr, Kennedy
Cross, Toni Marie Bronze Tripods and Related Stands in the Eastern Mediterranean from the Twelfth Through Seventh Centuries BC (diss.) 1974 Immerwahr, S.A., Richardson, E.H., Sams
Simms, Lawrence Joseph Plutarch’s Knowledge of Rome (diss.) 1974 Stadter, Houston, Kennedy
Briggs, Ward Wright Repetitions from Virgil’s Georgics in the Aeneid (diss.) 1974 Otis, Marti, Reckford
Hatch, Diane Fowler Telemachus and Virgil’s Use of the Telemacheia in Aeneid 8 and 9 (diss.) 1974 Reckford, Otis, Marti
Beveridge, Martha J. The Active and the Contemplative Life in the Prose Works of Seneca (diss.) 1974 Marti, Reckford, Stadter
Harrison, James G. The Official Priests of Rome in the Reigns of Trajan and Hadrian (diss.) 1974 Broughton, Houston, Kennedy
Walsh, John J. Variety and Repetition in Hesiod and Aratus (diss.) 1974 Brown, Gates, Immerwahr
Solomon, Jon D. A Reexamination of the Orestes Papyrus (MA) 1974 Brown, Bowers, Immerwahr
Scully, Stephen P. Achilles and the Decision-making Process in the Iliad (MA) 1974 Immerwahr, Reckford, Gates
Bowsky, Martha W. Baldwin An Examination of Historical Accounts of the Seven Kings of Rome: The Annalistic Tradition, Cicero, De re publica II.1-52 and Livy, Ab urbe condita I (MA) 1974 Houston, Kennedy, Marti
Castner, Catherine J. Animal Imagery in Lucretius (MA) 1974 Reckford, Kennedy, Houston
Gigante, Linda Maria Athenian Women of the Late Fifth Century: A Study Based on Attic Vase Paintings (MA) 1974 Immerwahr, S.A., Richardson, E.H., Koeppel
Canters, Minke W. Feminine Personalities in the Iliad the Odyssey and teh Longer Homeric Hymns (MA) 1974 Reckford, Kennedy, Houston
Moss, Patricia E. The Congress Decree (MA) 1974 Stadter, McCoy, Immerwahr
Haskell, Halford W. The Cult Area in the Southwest Quarter of the Citadel at Mycenae (MA) 1974 Immerwahr, S.A., Sams, Gates, Ch.
Ewbank, Joseph Boothroyd The Reasons for the Athetization of Lines in Homer’s Odyssey (MA) 1974 Reckford, Zug, Brown
Williams, Jack Harrison Traditional Elements in the Homeric Hymn to Hermes (MA) 1974 Brown, Gates, Immerwahr
Mattusch, Carol C. Casting Techniques of Greek Bronze Sculpture: Foundries and Foundry Remains from teh Athenian Agora with Reference to Other Ancient Sources (diss.) 1975 Immerwahr, S.A.
McClintock, Richard Clare Cicero’s Narrative Technique in the Judicial Speeches (diss.) 1975 Kennedy, Houston, West
Gold, Barbara Kirk Literary Patronage in the Augustan Age: Propertius and Maecenas (diss.) 1975 Richardson, L., Reckford, Houston
Doyle, George Wright St. Augustine’s Tractates on the Gospel of John Compared with the Rhetorical Theory of De doctrina Christiana (diss.) 1975 Kennedy, Otis, Sheerin
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