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Philip is majoring in Classics with a concentration in combined Greek and Latin

Senior Classics major Philip Wilson has received the Lionel Pearson Fellowship, a major award from the Society of Classical Studies.  The fellowship awards up to $24,000 for post-graduate study in Classics at an English or Scottish university.  It is open to undergraduates in Classics throughout the US and Canada who will complete a B.A. in Greek, Latin, Classics, or a closely related field.

Philip shared his plans for the fellowship over the upcoming summer and academic year: “I will be going to Oxford to pursue a Master of Studies in Classics.  While I’m still awaiting college placement, my reading list will consist of Greek and Latin lyric poetry with an eye to the influence of philosophy and history on those traditions.  In addition, I’ll be learning paleography and codicology at the Bodleian rare books library, with particular interest in Medieval Latin epic.  Finally, I’ll be writing a dissertation (~10,000 words) on Lucretius and historiography.”

To learn more about the award, visit the SCS website here.

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