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Dr. Joy Reeber, a 2004 UNC graduate, reports on an online debate about racial diversity and inclusivity which sparked after the Society for Classical Studies’ annual meeting. She includes a conversation with Arum Park, an Assistant Professor of Religious Studies and Classics, to share their perspective.

An excerpt from “What Do We Mean When We Say “Diversity”? Addressing Different Kinds of Inequity”
“As two professors currently on different employment tracks, we came together to have a conversation about the forms of inequity built into academic labor systems and how this injustice intersects with––but remains distinct from––racial injustice….Certainly we do not claim to understand or represent every single marginalized voice in Classics. But we hope our respective positionalities have informed some helpful insights into the ways we talk about injustice, and we hope too that the questions we raise in our conversation below provide some constructive food for thought.”
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